Magento collections paginations

Magento collections when setPageSize and pagination does not work We decided to write about a problem that sometimes occurs everywhere where collections are used: goods, news, blog, etc.The problem is that you are trying to set a limit for the collection, but it does not work, so pagination does

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Magento Customer Session is empty

Some Magento developers have been challenges that the user session does not contain data. The most common problems: * user can not log in to the store; * user’s comment comes as from guest; * do not load user data for forms. The issue is often difficult to diagnose and accordingly the

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What is an API?| Integration Magento website with the application

Wikipedia, which very laconically gives a description that an application programming interface (API) is a set of subroutine definitions, protocols, and tools for building application software. In general terms, it is a set of clearly defined methods of communication between various software components. Why is it necessary and where is

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Top reasons use Magento for Ecommerce Development in 2018

A growing number of companies tend to a big source of profit off endless growth the Internet offers to businesses and start to be digital. Marketing researches predict that online sales gain an increasing power: the number of internet buyers worldwide will reach over 2 billion by 2020. Both a

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Responsive sprites with SASS

It often happens that in the development process the front-end developer face the problem how to get the sprites to be responsive. For, on the one hand, sprites help in the optimization of the page, but on the other hand they are absolutely not adaptive, which in the current realities

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Why it is good time to outsource Magento to Ukraine

The Internet commerce market is growing year after year. Analysts predict that 20% of all purchases will be made on-line in 2020. That are why such platforms for e-Commerce as Magento Commerce, have become so popular today.             If you’ve been thinking about moving to the e-commerce market, it’s

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Profiling and debugging a code – some of our experience there

If you are developing some app/project or supporting a code that was written previously or an existing project, probably you have already used a profiler or debugger to find out “bottlenecks”, which caused an unobvious load. The decision or the problem, which are described below, may be related not

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Our experience in Magento integration.

Development and launching of very good working eCommerce Store is not one trick deal, that is really long term project. But not form the point of view of creation, form regular improvements and different types of integration. In SOFTLOFT we are keen on integration different systems to your site. We

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Find more information about our workflow.

On the level of development all information about the project is keeping separately on 5 subdomains. The number is equal to the number of developers, thus in fact SOFTLOFT can work on 5 different tasks on the same time. To be flexible enough we have particular stage for collecting all

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Several online tips to push purchasing on your site.

Het belang van digitale marketing moet niet onderschat worden. Dit is de perfecte manier om met bestaande klanten en nieuwe klanten te communiceren. Echter, veel mensen vinden het moeilijk om te begrijpen welke invloed social media heeft op hun bottom line. Het bevorderen van het bewustzijn bij uw klanten om

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We would be happy to present our news according to your requests

Magento is the one the mostly spread ecommerce platform for growing online business. And our experience, launching numerous projects assured us that Magento speed is the key in making customer absolutely happy. But it takes a lot of time to optimize it. Many people think that Magento is very slow,

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SOFTLOFT will share experiences in magento development

At SOFTLOFT we are passionate about providing excellent Magento development services, giving companies around the world the competitive edge they need to succeed in the e-commerce business. We are trying to be as close to our partners as possible and provide him/her with the communication to achieved the best

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