Our experience in Magento integration.

Our experience in Magento integration.

Development and launching of very good working eCommerce Store is not one trick deal, that is really long term project. But not form the point of view of creation, form regular improvements and different types of integration. In SOFTLOFT we are keen on integration different systems to your site. We have already applied Magento with ERP, CRM, POS, inventory systems, etc. So let us speak step by step about Magento integration. Even as a consumer you want to use as handy sites as possible and this is the obviously the general rule for all buyers. Your tasks as a seller are to provide the client with the best possible way to chose the product and from another side to simplify your work. For the SOFTLOFT suggests you to make Magento integration with POS system. Sure you have to predict a lot of issues in your business, but one of the most important for making your store alive is to be sure that you have enough stock on hand. Track your inventory, otherwise you have a chance to loose your customer by one click. In SOFTLOFT we are trying to be maximum open with our partners, so we are ready to share our expertise with our partners and people, who are interested in Magento integration.

Our team is ready to integrate with Magento almost every system which has readable. As approve of our flexibility we would like to present you our last Magento integrations:

– Integration with LightSpeed system. As you, probably, know it’s a store management system that helps to run every aspect of retail business. The main goal for such kind of integration was to make small businesses run smoothly, creating point of sale products for retail stores and restaurants using personalized tools. Lightspeed’s online store software ensures that you’ll have everything necessary to make your online store a success.

–  SOFTLOFT with Heyloyalty Integration, provided boosting sales and customer loyalty. With Business Intelligence tracked and collect your customers’ behavior when they visit your website or webshop. The more relevant content your customers receive, the bigger your campaigns and sales effect will be. It is perfect solution for web shops, retail chains and stores that work with customer clubs and discount programs.

–  Magento and Apparel integration based on specialising in the development and implementation of software solutions to clothing and footwear businesses. Apparel21 accurately and seamlessly plans, costs, and tracks your products throughout the entire development life-cycle. The unique functionality inherent in the solution ensures that you can do it faster, better, and more efficiently than ever before.

Please keep in mind! These is not all systems with which we had been worked, so we will keep you updated with all news.

Integration with the different systems gives your Ecommerce Store a lot of competitive advantages, extend the scale and flexibility of your business. So let us together find the way to improve your business.

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