SOFTLOFT will share experiences in magento development

SOFTLOFT will share experiences in magento development

At SOFTLOFT we are passionate about providing excellent Magento development services, giving companies around the world the competitive edge they need to succeed in the e-commerce business.

We are trying to be as close to our partners as possible and provide him/her with the communication to achieved the best result. So, we have prepared some publications to increase your awareness about our experience and project organization process. These articles will include our best practices, interesting projects and detailed description of our directions of work. We do believe that is will be useful for you.

I this article let`s talk about Data Storage

All information about our projects (internal data, developments, ideas,etc.), system of bag tracking is placed on our server, which is located in our office. We use proven processes and service tools to help you achieve business objectives. For getting maximum safeness of your info we are duplicating it. As we have no secrets, so we can post photo prove of this at any time.

Sure having the servers on our territory gives us a lot of advantages form the point of view of safety:

  • All the data needed for the project is on our location and we can guarantee that no one can access to;
  • We are equipped with the tools which provided us the ability to work without the access to the Internet;
  • Uninterruptible Power Sources protect us for electricity outage. We will have the time to resave all files on the constant sources;
  • Bag tracker is installed in SOFTLOFT what is mean that the data will not go to external unknown sources (Jira source);

We protect Bag tracker by SSL(HTTPS) coding what is mean that hackers will need to work very hard to at least tried to break the access to the data which is exchanging between SOFTLOFT and the partner. Network security is protected by CISCO – leader in network corporate protection.

All our passwords are generated by special PWGen program and we don’t have “simple” passwords. Thus the possibility of breaking is excluded.

It way the first part of our introduction serious of articles about the work of our company. To be continued…

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