Top reasons use Magento for Ecommerce Development in 2018

Top reasons use Magento for Ecommerce Development in 2018

A growing number of companies tend to a big source of profit off endless growth the Internet offers to businesses and start to be digital. Marketing researches predict that online sales gain an increasing power: the number of internet buyers worldwide will reach over 2 billion by 2020.

Both a beginner that has just decided on starting the online sales and a shark businessman that has years of online sale experience in his bag may seek for an e-Commerce solution. The first – to boost their sales to the maximum, the latter – to up level them.

SOFTLOFT with a significant experience in eCommerce development recommend making an e-Commerce website with Magento, which suits both purposes.

Here are 6 critical reasons why you should take a closer look at Magento.

Magento is the second most popular ecommerce platform: it has a market share of 17%, among the Top 100k sites (Magento CE and Magento Enterprise combined).

1. Magento Is Open Source.

Magento is the TOP of open source PHP-based platforms. It can handle your e-Commerce needs and create an online store

This open source ecommerce platform offers users an unmatched flexibility to manage content, looks, and functionality of their ecommerce store. Magento will give you the topmost ecommerce solution with a strong blend of highly scalable design and a wide-ranging support network.

It lets developers leverage templates, extensions, modules, widgets, documentations, training, and consulting services, etc., offered by ever-growing Magento community to build user-centric ecommerce storefronts.

The beauty of Magento is that it can scale to any budget. A small business can have a site up and running for no more investment than the developer’s payment. Companies with tighter deadlines or those who require more advanced features can elect to hire an entire team of developers to create and maintain their online store at a faster pace.

2. Specialized for E-commerce

Magento started life as a platform intended for e-commerce unlike WordPress, Drupal or Joomla which are primarily content management platforms which also offer the option of e-commerce plugins.

Magento eCommerce provides the highest level of flexibility and control over developing the store with superb add-ons and extensions. The platform is also highly-scalable, so you would never want to switch over once try Magento.

Generate productive customer experiences is a key benefit of choose for Magento.

The core features that Magento comes with make building e-commerce sites on it a real breakthrough. Magento has a lot more to make selling an exciting experience for businesses.

Here are the top picks:

  • You can give a description basically any product feature you like. You can set and manage the attributes without compromise in the admin panel. Practically, you can adjust the entire system to your products.
  • Rule based product relations functionality helps you promote specific products to specific sections so that your promotional efforts are more relevant and get rewarded with high conversion rate
  • Great option to attach personalized coupon codes to newsletters and several other promotional methods to guarantee that your web store is always active in terms of customer activity and revenue generation
  • Configure your web store for multiple currencies and tax classifications to make your selling without borders
  • Using segmentation allows you to target groups effectively, and allocate marketing resources to best effect. The discount system is equally flexible. For instance, you can give a discount to a particular shopper if he or she puts 2 products from the same category into the shopping cart. You can come up with a dozen marketing combinations, you have loads of opportunities to do whatever you like.

 3. Built For SEO

Magento – one of the most flexible and compatible platform with search engines .We all know how important it is to make our websites as SEO friendly as possible. This can be a real problem and a painful process for large e-commerce sites running into hundreds or thousands of pages. By using Magento site you can significantly simplify the pain of adding, editing, managing Meta Data for multiple store pages.

Must be something peculiar to Magento, which set it apart from other CMS for e-commerce, is the level of customization. Unlike most other systems, it is possible to customize each page, every product and every piece of code.

Available features will help automatically add unique Meta Tags for Product, Category, Layered Navigation or Blog pages. Its source code comes with all of these features built right in, saving you a lot of trouble and time, while still ensuring that your site is search friendly.

Magento provides better SEO benefits than any other shopping cart on the market with targeted promotion and merchandising.

4. Impressive, responsive design

With the help of Responsive Magento Themes, reaching out to your target audience via all platforms from tablets and smartphones to PCs and netbooks this is a sure thing! The responsive technology identifies the type of a device (a desktop computer, a tablet, a mobile phone running on Windows, Android or iOS) and adjusts the appearance and functionality of the website accordingly.

Even if you are not an expert in web design, Magento offers thousands of free customizable templates. Installation, however, is recommended to be performed by a developer. Every single Magento theme is well documented with simplified installation and customization to several simple steps. The documentation, supplied in every package, bears explicit instructions as well as additional extensions, that can be used whenever it is required.

An online store can compete in such an environment successfully if it has a responsive layout, which means that it offers an interface to its shoppers, which is easy to handle on all platforms from tablets and smartphones to PCs and netbooks.

5. Magento is secure

 For an e-Commerce business owner being compromised can mean a loss in profit, trust and credibility. Safety is not an option, it is a must in an environment where hackers try to crack databases. Luckily, Magento is always tested by a vast number of developers so it ia a hack-proof system.

All in all, the system is not perfect. No system is. But with Magento it is just amazing how fast its dedicated community can reveal the errors and after making the safety updates, you can avoid any future problems before they can kick in. The whole system is constantly guarded by ethical hackers who seek defects and eliminate weaknesses by downloading patches. lso you don’t have to track down updates all the time. Magento always calls your attention when an update is available so you will know about fresh developments at once.  

Magento CMS – a solid and high-quality platform, which is great for creating an online store. In some ways it can be difficult for an inexperienced user, but its capabilities are much wider than other similar platforms. And if there are no features in the basic configuration, then you can connect additional modules – at the moment there are more than four thousand different extensions.

6. Run Multiple Websites With One Common Backend System

Magento CMS makes it possible to create several online stores at once, and then run multiple websites on the same common backend system. Control all of them simultaneously through a single unified admin panel, which is certainly very convenient.  Every website can have distinctly different layouts and design with their own stores. You can even have different domains for each site. This opportunity is a bold plus, which encourages many online store owners to choose this particular platform.

In Magento implemented a convenient management, which allows you to differentiate rights in the administrative panel for different people: managers, accountants, programmers and others.

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