Find more information about our workflow.

Find more information about our workflow.

On the level of development all information about the project is keeping separately on 5 subdomains. The number is equal to the number of developers, thus in fact SOFTLOFT can work on 5 different tasks on the same time. To be flexible enough we have particular stage for collecting all tasks which are coming there together or in turn. This decision client is making additionally.

For hosting and managing our developments we are using Git. To help developers to simplify way of software development SOFTLOFT uses GitHub and Bitbucket. Millions of projects were created via these platforms from start to finish.

In SOFTLOFT we understand the necessity of the document flow, privacy and safety. For making this comfortable we have crated our own Wikipedia. Some partners do appreciate such control process. On our wiki we are putting the documents about the software, description of the previous and the next steps, specify the placement of all files. Sure, is closed for the external access.

For completing the development we use Docker tool ( It consist of everything needed to run the project: code, runtime, system tools, system libraries. All data is keeping in containers on separated SSD disks. The tool is very easy to use, thus deployment of all data can be done in several minutes.

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