Why it is good time to outsource Magento to Ukraine

Why it is good time to outsource Magento to Ukraine

          The Internet commerce market is growing year after year. Analysts predict that 20% of all purchases will be made on-line in 2020. That are why such platforms for e-Commerce as Magento Commerce, have become so popular today.

            If you’ve been thinking about moving to the e-commerce market, it’s time to start turning ideas into reality. Trouble is, where to begin? First, choose the platform. The Magento Commerce e-store management system (CMS) is one of the most popular in business sector. In the third quarter of 2017, Magento Commerce was recognized as one of the leaders of B2B eCommerce. Second, select a competent and reliable performer that keeps up with the times, does not afraid of difficulties and is interested in your success as much as his own. Is it too expensive for you? It’s time to use the services of Magneto outsourcing into Ukraine.

            Why in Ukraine? Because in 2017, the number of software companies of Ukraine is now in the thousands, and the number of IT-specialists of different levels has passed the 100 thousand mark. The annual growth in the IT field is a few tens of thousands of professionals.

            In this year 13 Ukrainian companies got in the TOP 100 outsourcing companies of the world. And effective outsourcing regulation increased its growth by 20%. Exports of the IT-sector’s services in Q3 2017 exceeded $2.5 billion mark. Today, Ukraine is considered as modern IT-hub of the Eastern Europe.

            We’re Ukrainian magento outsourcing company SOFTLOFT, which received the trust of customers from different countries by helping them to integrate in the market of electronic Commerce. If you type “Magneto development Ukraine” in the search engine, you will see us in the TOP-5 Ukrainian software development companies working with Magneto CMS. Our experts are motivated, friendly and responsible people who are always open to new ideas.

            Please, contact us in any way available on the site and make sure that mutual cooperation is beneficial.

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