Why it is good solution to outsource Magento to Ukraine

Why it is good solution to outsource Magento to Ukraine

You have an idea to create your own ecommerce business? It is great. There is a big variety of ways to make it alive in a very short period of time. But now market is very demanding and the only way to succeed is to be really differentiated. In SOFTLOFT we have presented many Magento projects for many countries worldwide. We are Ukrainian company, which is absolutely trusted by many partners. It is very clear that some investors a little bit afraid about work with Ukrainian developers and IT companies. We would like to highlight some benefits of outsourcing Magento projects to Ukraine.

First of all, we would like to draw your attention to the quality of Ukrainian Magento outsourcing project. For a relatively less money Ukrainian developers offer high-end market Magento outsourcing developers. Ukrainian programmers are very proactive, attentive to details and responsible. Highly developed telecommunications and Internet technologies also can be viewed as perfect advantages. These features are extremely important for outsourcing projects. Not only Magento development companies, but generally IT companies in Ukraine always work on improving work conditions and standards of work, thus people are very motivated, enthusiastic and open-minded about job they are doing.

Last year’s political and legal situation for outsourcing has been improved significantly. It led to 20% growth of IT outsourcing projects to Ukraine. Many awards and proves Ukraine already received (like “The best place for IT-outsourcing” on summit European outsourcing Excellent Award- 2011). As a result of many improvements Ukrainian Magento development market is one of the most intelligent in Eastern Europe.

Geographic flexibility also quite a big advantage. Small time difference between Ukraine and Western European countries and acceptable for US market gives a great opportunity for communication on all stages of development.

You can be sure that the biggest prove of successful work is successful project on the market. Try, and you will assure by yourself.

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