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E-commerce End-to-End Solution

From start-up to scale-up, we’re with you at every phase.

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Get custom solutions that fit your brand like a glove. Experience bespoke development that transforms your vision into reality

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Developers for hire

Level up your development game! Embrace the eCommerce prowess of SoftLoft's experts. Whether you need a fresh project kickstart, an extra boost for an existing one.

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Mobile Development

Dominate the mobile market with innovative apps designed for user engagement.

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From global giants like H&M to niche markets, we’ve led the way in transforming e-commerce challenges into success stories.
SoftLoft team was entrusted with a multitude of ambitious objectives for H&M, a major player in the fashion industry. These objectives spanned a wide range of areas, from customization to integration with external systems. Our responsibilities touched upon crucial components of the online store, such as the catalog, products, order placement system, new delivery methods, and payment systems.
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Victoria’s Secret
SoftLoft was entrusted with the significant responsibility of introducing the renowned brand, Victoria's Secret, to the Middle East market. This entailed a comprehensive approach, from design alterations and functional enhancements to the catalog to revamping the discount and promotion systems.
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Sweet Deal
Sweet Deal sought to amplify its reach and offerings, aiming to introduce new sales branches and enhance its existing systems. The overarching goal was to expand its footprint in the discount coupon market while ensuring seamless user experiences. This entailed launching new ticket sales branches, introducing a luxury business segment, redesigning the checkout system, and integrating with various external services.
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SoftLoft embarked on this project when it was already operational. Our primary objective was to support the existing team of developers and business analysts, ensuring the project's effective development and expansion into new markets in the Middle East and Europe. The project encompassed various elements, including Products, Virtual Gift Certificates, Customized Reports, product loading and moderation, new payment and delivery methods, and specialized marketing tools.
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Beyond Coding: Crafting Your Unique Story

Our work is a blend of technology and creativity, ensuring your brand isn’t just seen but remembered. We think beyond the code to build digital experiences that connect and convert.

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Trusted Partner
Trusted Partnership That Support The Success of Your Business
We're platform-flexible

That means we prioritize your business needs above all else, allowing us to choose the perfect platform that suits your unique requirements. It's all about finding the perfect fit for your success story.

Certified Partner

We are certified partners and experts on the world’s leading eCommerce Platforms, including; Shopify, Magento,BigCommerce and Salesforce, We take our flexible approach to Platform selection, ensuring our clients’ business needs are served as the priority.

Our alliance with Magento underscores SoftLoft's passion for excellence in eCommerce. With our certified prowess, we delve deep into Magento's rich functionalities, ensuring our clients benefit from a platform that's both powerful and adaptable.

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SoftLoft's collaboration with Shopify highlights our dedication to crafting tailored eCommerce solutions. Leveraging our certified expertise, we seamlessly adapt Shopify's extensive features to align with the distinct objectives of our clients.

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Our association with BigCommerce speaks volumes about SoftLoft's adaptability in the digital commerce landscape. Our team, backed by certification, harnesses the platform's diverse capabilities, sculpting online stores that blend aesthetics with efficiency.

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With Salesforce, SoftLoft's partnership transcends traditional platform utilization. Recognized as trusted allies, we decode Salesforce's multifaceted offerings, empowering our clients to harness its full spectrum of opportunities.

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