Testing is very important part of successful launching of any project .

Testing is very important part of successful launching of any project .
Most of us have had an experience with software/products that did not work as expected.It is always needed for correctly understand the fault errors during development phases.  Soft -Loft always pay great attention to the last point.  We need to check  everything and anything we produce because things can always go wrong. Our team consists of 10 professional Engineers. For now we use ZEPHYR to build real-time test and conduct tests in steps. – at first we create and share task for test, in the same marketplace we pass tasks and put labels on each step of investigation process; – if the test is not passed immediately we create a ticket and assign it to developers; – also we use Unit tests during code creation ( testing process across PHPUnit, which is a programmer-oriented testing framework for PHP ) – after writing the code we also send it to our team to run test, as usual we test with 3 engineers, but visual testing we send to 5 engineers; Ideally, we send someone else from our team to check our work because fresh person is more likely to spot the flaws. -at final step of investigation we test on real devices: iPad, iPhone, Android etc, also at BrowserStack. After the implementation and integration project executed Stress testing (according to client requirements), functional testing, user testing and Crossbrowser testing using real devices.
     For sure testing is needed in projects development to increase the reliability and quality before launching. We are happy to present more of our solution:)
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