We would be happy to present our news according to your requests

We would be happy to present our news according to your requests

Magento is the one the mostly spread ecommerce platform for growing online business. And our experience, launching numerous projects assured us that Magento speed is the key in making customer absolutely happy. But it takes a lot of time to optimize it. Many people think that Magento is very slow, but they might be not aware that Magento can run extremely fast. It depends on the right choice and right way base platform.

In SOFTLOFT we deeply understand these types of problems. That is why we have studied all existing methods of speeding up the Magento performance and we understood necessity to create our own. Is parallel of Magento projects development we are studying all possible opportunities to improve speed of Ecommerce Stores performance: codes optimizing, data bases, servers. In the nearest future we will present our readers more detailed description and will give you possibility to make free audit of your site.

We will present you are vision, but we will also appreciate your feedback and your questions. We will be happy to give you as much information as possible, just let us know in what kind of information interested in?

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