Sweetdeal, originating from Denmark, redefines the shopping experience in Scandinavia by offering an array of curated discounts, from local dining to luxurious spa retreats. The platform blends savings with the thrill of discovering new experiences and services. It's more than a coupon site; it's a celebration of local culture, trends, and smart spending, providing a gateway to Scandinavia's best while fostering local exploration.
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Project team

  • 3 Backend Developers
  • Frontend Developer
  • QA Specialist
  • Project Manager.

Technical stack

Technologies Used:
Magento 2 Platform
Zend Framework,
Frontend custom solution:
CSS3 (LESS pre-processor),
Why we Choose This Stack

We chose Magento for its robust e-commerce capabilities and Symfony for its flexibility in managing extensive catalogs. This combination allows for efficient operations and smooth interactions with suppliers, making it ideal for a dynamic platform like Sweetdeal.

Challenges & Solutions
#1 Challenge
Managing Dynamic Event Pricing and Inventory
Our solution

Developed a custom Magento 2 module for real-time price updates. This module, integrated with Magento’s API, ensures users see the most recent prices, accommodating the dynamic nature of event ticketing.

#2 Challenge
User-Friendly Navigation for Diverse Events
Our solution

Implemented a structured category system with advanced filtering options, supported by a visually appealing UI. This structure helps users navigate the vast array of events easily, enhancing discoverability and user experience.

#3 Challenge
Ensuring a Seamless Checkout Experience
Our solution

Leveraged Magento’s tools and integrated top-tier payment gateways to create a secure and efficient checkout process. We also employed caching mechanisms and server optimizations to manage high traffic volumes.

#4 Challenge
Empowering Event Organizers with an Efficient Dashboard
Our solution

Developed an event organizer dashboard on Magento, enabling partners to list events and manage discounts. This dashboard facilitates dynamic discounting based on various criteria, streamlining the process for organizers and the platform.

Business Outcome
Enhanced User Engagement

The intuitive navigation and dynamic pricing led to a 25% increase in user interaction and ticket sales.


Improved customer experience and higher conversion rates.

Operational Efficiency

The efficient organizer dashboard and real-time pricing updates led to a 30% reduction in operational overheads.


Streamlined operations and improved partnerships with event organizers.

Increased Sales and Revenue

Enhanced user experience and checkout process efficiency contributed to a 20% increase in overall sales.


Substantial revenue growth and increased profitability.

Stronger Brand Loyalty

The platform's usability and reliable pricing system resulted in a 15% increase in repeat customers.


Strengthened customer loyalty and brand reputation.

In conclusion, Sweetdeal's strategic use of Magento and Symfony, coupled with tailored solutions, significantly enhanced its e-commerce capabilities, transforming the platform into a dynamic and efficient marketplace for entertainment and experiences in Scandinavia. The project’s success in driving growth, operational efficiency, and customer satisfaction underscores its transformative impact in the entertainment sector.

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