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Established in 1972 as a mail-order operation, Mothercare has grown into a distinguished retail brand, specializing in products for expectant mothers, infants, toddlers, and mothers. Over the decades, Mothercare has expanded its global reach.
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With a vast international technical team of approximately 150 engineers, our challenge was to integrate seamlessly and function as a unified entity. SoftLoft joined this project when it was already underway. Our primary objective was to bolster the existing team of developers and business analysts, ensuring the project's effective development and its expansion into new markets in the Middle East and Europe. The project's scope was comprehensive, covering Products, Virtual Gift Certificates, Customized Reports, product loading and moderation, new payment and delivery methods, and specialized marketing tools.
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Fashion

Project team

  • 1 Business Analyst
  • 2 Developers (Magento Senior Backend)
  • 1 QA Engineer
  • Project Manager

Technical stack

Technologies Used:
Headless E-Commerce
Magento Commerce Cloud
PHP (Symfony, Zend Framework, Magento Framework)
Frontend custom solution:
Why we Choose This Stack
Magento Commerce Cloud

Robust E-commerce Solution


Magento Commerce Cloud meets the scalability needs of world-class retail companies.


Magento's adaptability allows for the creation of custom solutions, especially when integrating with various third-party systems.


Magento Commerce Cloud offers top-notch security, safeguarding both customer and business data.

Cloud Advantage

As a cloud solution, it promises efficiency, elasticity, and cost-effectiveness.

B2B and B2C Capabilities

It supports diverse transaction types, catering to varied business models and customer bases.

Custom frontend

Modern and Flexible solution


This solution ensures a swift and responsive user experience.

Progressive Web App (PWA)

Catering to the growing mobile user base.

Development Efficiency

Known for its developer-friendly architecture.

Customizable User Experience

Tailoring shopping experiences to align with brand identity and customer expectations.

Challenges & Solutions
#1 Challenge
Synchronizing Real-Time Inventory Across Multiple Channels
Our solution

We integrated the OMS with all sales channels, achieving real-time inventory synchronization. This ensured stock level consistency across platforms, enhancing customer satisfaction.

#2 Challenge
Coordinating Communication Among Various Systems
Our solution

We introduced an Enterprise Service Bus, centralizing communication and ensuring a consistent data flow.

#3 Challenge
Integrating Multiple Third-Party Systems and Providers
Our solution

A robust middleware layer was implemented to manage different data formats, ensuring seamless system communication.

#4 Challenge
Managing Scalability for High Traffic Volumes
Our solution

We leveraged Magento Commerce Cloud's scalability and conducted load tests, ensuring peak traffic handling without compromising user experience.

Business Outcome
Enhanced Customer Experience

Resulted in a 35% rise in customer engagement and a 25% boost in satisfaction.

Streamlined Operations

Automation led to a 40% reduction in manual tasks and a 30% cut in operational costs.

Robust Scalability

The platform managed up to 300% traffic spikes during high-demand periods.

Compliance and Security Assurance

Zero breaches or compliance issues throughout the year.

Increased Market Reach

Integration with Merchant Centers led to a 50% surge in site traffic.

Agility and Responsiveness

Achieved a 30% faster response to market changes.

In conclusion, SoftLoft's combined efforts and innovative solutions have set the stage for Mothercare's sustained growth in e-commerce. The results underscore the project's transformative impact.

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