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SOFT LOFT Certified Magento Development Team and Adobe Bronze Partner

Choosing us as their Magento outsourcing partner grants our customers access to a workforce of highly trained, intuitive Magento development experts: resulting in an enjoyable, professional and highly personalized online store production process. At SOFT LOFT, we are proud to be a trustworthy, professional and affordable Magento development agency, offering expert Magento developers, an unparalleled collaboration between customers and experts and effective management services. At SOFT LOFT, we are so confident that our customers will be satisfied that we offer a no-nonsense 100% Money Back Guarantee: if we can’t provide you with the service you desire, we will happily reimburse you.

Backend & Frontend Development, QA and project management

Code review and quality control at all stages
Only Certified & Experienced Developers, QA Experts & Managers

We recruit only the most experienced and capable Magento development experts. From our developers to our managers, we are all specialists and ready to make your Magento experience as enjoyable as it can be. Any questions or problems you may have will be swiftly answered by one of our skilled professionals.

Pay Less Than in USA, Europe & Australia

Our world-class Magento development services are some of the most affordable in the world! We offer premier support and fully tailored customizations at a competitive price, leaving you with more capital to invest in your business than if you’d gone elsewhere. Your satisfaction is our prime concern.

No Language Barriers

Our Magento development experts overcome all hurdles to develop the best possible eCommerce solutions. We work with clients around the world, ensuring each time that the customers get exactly what they want – no matter what language they speak. We offer premium global services, for a global market.

Before Starting Any Cooperation We Sign NDA

We keep your privacy and security paramount and will always ensure that watertight, effective NDAs are in action before you share any sensitive data. We value our customer’s satisfaction above all and know how crucial confidentiality is in ensuring your eCommerce advantage, safety and success.


Discuss Requirements

Our fully customized services are based on comprehensive communication with clients. Before commencing, we discuss your project and its requirements with you, ensuring you get exactly what you want.

Do Research And Consulting

With an understanding of what is needed, we conduct extensive research in order to provide our client with the best option. We ensure that you get optimum services which meet your business needs.

Provide Quote

Our pricing system is simple and effective, ensuring clients don’t get caught by hidden costs. Once we understand your project and what it requires, we provide a complete quote for all our services.

Conduct Development

Upon a dialogue on clarifying the needs, we begin the development process. Throughout this stage we maintain ongoing and extensive communication with you, ensuring we provide exactly what you need.

Conduct Testing

Once the development is completed, we conduct extensive tests to ensure our highest quality standards are met. With our thorough approach and comprehensive testing, you will get the best possible results.


With successful test results, we launch our client’s project. Our Magento experience ensures that your launch will not only go smoothly but result in streamlined operation and optimum performance.

Already included

100% Magento & PHP Coding Standards

100 % Privacy Safe

Scalable And Optimized Code

High Quality Coding & Testing

100% Money Back Guarantee


SOFTLOFT develops applications, which suit your needs, your budget and interests. We guarantee complete eCommerce solutions, covering all your needs, excellent services, and sales increase!

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