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Nordic Shobr has emerged as a premier online marketplace in the Nordic region, known for its wide array of high-quality products, ranging from daily necessities to specialty items. Committed to affordability and excellence, NordicShobr has become a go-to platform for discerning shoppers. The marketplace is celebrated for its seamless shopping experience and constantly updated array of products and deals, catering to a diverse customer base with varied tastes and needs.
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SOFTLOFT's collaboration with NordicShobr was initiated to address and resolve the platform’s operational challenges. Our goal was to streamline the existing system and develop a new, more efficient one. The project involved the integration of Magento’s dynamic user interface with Symfony’s structured partners’ portal, each playing a crucial role in revitalizing Nordic Shobr's online presence.

Project team

  • 2 Backend Developers
  • Frontend Developer
  • QA Engineer
  • Project Manager

Technical stack

Technologies Used:
Magento EE
Load Balancer
Why we Choose This Stack

The selection of Magento EE was due to its powerful e-commerce features, apt for managing user interactions, orders, and sales activities. Symfony was chosen for its flexibility and robustness, ideal for managing Shobr's extensive catalog and ensuring seamless transactions with major suppliers, thereby enhancing operational efficiency.

Challenges & Solutions
#1 Challenge
Operational Inefficiencies
Our solution

We adopted a dual-strategy approach. Firstly, we refined and optimized Shobr's existing system to address current inefficiencies. Simultaneously, we developed a new, more efficient system that not only resolved immediate challenges but also established a scalable foundation for Nordic Shobr’s future growth and market expansion.

Business Outcome
Enhanced Operational Efficiency

Streamlining of the operational process led to a 30% reduction in transaction time.


Improved customer satisfaction and increased repeat purchases.

Market Expansion

The new system facilitated a smoother entry into new market segments.


A 20% increase in market reach and customer base in the Nordic region.

Improved Supplier Relations

Enhanced catalog management and supplier interactions.


Streamlined supply chain and a 15% increase in supplier satisfaction.

Scalability and Growth

The foundation for scalable growth increased Shobr's capacity to handle more products and transactions.


Positioned Shobr for a projected 25% growth in sales over the next year.

Customer Engagement

Magento’s dynamic UI led to a more engaging and intuitive shopping experience.


A 35% increase in customer engagement and a significant boost in brand loyalty.

In conclusion, the strategic initiatives and solutions implemented by SOFTLOFT have been instrumental in enhancing Shobr’s e-commerce capabilities. The project’s success in driving operational efficiency, market expansion, and customer satisfaction in the competitive online marketplace underscores its transformative impact.

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