Speed and performance issues are common in online stores, be it due to faults in coding or deficient server capacities. Getting a comprehensive Magento audit allows you to rectify these issues and boost the speed and performance of your eСommerce business, solving any problems with the architecture and obtaining optimum operational levels.

Code And Extensions

With constant developments in technology and coding practices, it is not uncommon for an eСommerce business to have an architecture that lacks efficiency and effectiveness. A Magento audit includes extensive code review: checking every element of your online store’s code architecture and streamlining it, enhancing performance and revenues.

Magento Core

No matter how sophisticated the design and build of an e-commerce business is, it won’t work at optimum levels if predicated upon an outdated core. A Magento audit evaluates the core upon which your online store is built, providing you with fully comprehensive information and suggestions for upgrades.


Each eCommerce business relies on vast code architectures to operate successfully and it is not unusual for some of this code to be inefficient, fake watches messy or ineffective. In a Magento audit, your online store’s code is inspected and rewritten where necessary, ensuring optimum operation and glitch-free performance.

Database Review

Data is an extremely important aspect of eCommerce, providing insights into customer habits and enabling more intuitively tailored services. Magento audits include a comprehensive review of your database, identifying security flaws and performance issues. With fully personalized feedback and suggestions, you’ll be able to ensure the safety and speed of your eCommerce business.

Server Settings And Configuration

It is not uncommon for an online store to suffer from poor performance due to issues with the server that it utilizes. A full Magento audit assesses your server settings and configurations for performance and suitability, providing fully individualized solutions to any identified issues – helping your online store achieve optimum operational performance.


We sign NDA and Audit Agreement
You grant us access to your servers
We inspect Magento backend infrastructure and clarify details
We conduct audit and tests
We provide a detailed Audit Report
We consult on the audit results


The basis of a successful eCommerce venture is a positive user experience, ensuring that customers enjoy shopping. A Magento audit considers both the architectural framework of your online store as well as user experience and interface – providing comprehensive reviews and complete solutions and resulting in a more sophisticated and streamlined website.


There are many interrelated and equally important elements at work in an online store, each playing a crucial role in ensuring a positive user experience and boosting revenues. Whilst each element can be evaluated individually and flaws can be rectified one by one, a fully comprehensive Magento audit will provide a holistic review of your online store, ensuring that every element works at full capacity and synchronicity. We are Magento experts, specializing in developing state of the art online stores which utilize the latest technology and most intuitive interfaces; with us, you will receive a comprehensive and holistic Magento audit, providing you with invaluable insights into achieving optimum operational performance.

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