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Our Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration process

Takes apprx: 40 Hours

Review and Analytics

At this stage, our ecommerce developers run a detailed analysis of your current Magento 1 store. That includes the architecture, database, installed modules, all extensions and integrations. At the same time, our business analysts dive deeply into your upcoming goals and challenges, your buyers and competitors to assure the best results of your new Magento 2 store.

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Takes apprx: 40 Hours

Data Migration

During the stage, we prepare and migrate the basic data from Magento 1, such as Orders, Customers, Products, and Attributes. Also, we prepare data synchronization, so all further data (Orders, Customers, Products, and Attributes), generated on Magento 1 after data migration, will automatically appear on Magento 2 store before it becomes primary. The final action is to set up a new environment and testing servers.

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Takes apprx: 160+ Hours

Theme and design migration

Very often, when a brand migrates to Magento 2, they are also eager to update the design. We make sure that a new design will meet all Magento requirements and recommendations for ultimate speed optimization. During this stage, we use the latest stable version or upgrade Magento 2 to latest version if required.

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Takes apprx: 40+ Hours

Extension migration

There is a variety of possible Magento extensions, designed to provide a better shopping experience or provide you, as a business, with extra back end features. After a discussion with a client about the business goals, we evaluate all the current extensions to see if they are the best fit for the new version. The goal is to make sure that all the modules work faster and more efficiently than ever before, while at the same time provide the same or better features. As an addition to that, we may develop new custom modules for a client if that helps achieve business goals.

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Takes apprx: 60+ Hours


During the stage, we integrate all 3-rd party tools, such as ERP, CRM, PIM, Product data syndication tool, Marketing tools and so on. As the new store differs from the former and all integrations are done from scratch, it’s our responsibility to ensure that they work properly for the business.

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Takes apprx: 30+ Hours

Quality assurance

Quality assurance is king. Softloft provides you with the best means to assure the best shopping experience of your customers. That counts for specialized automation tools, as well as manual testing. We check how your store performs across all browsers and devices, in terms of functionality, performance, security and backend data flow. As a result, Softloft delivers a bug-free and 100% functional Magento store.

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Takes apprx: 10 Hours

Server setup and Launch

Finally, we prepare a server for launch. The server should be optimized for ultimate capacity, security, and scalability. The launch is done during your least loaded time of the week to assure that migration runs nice and smooth and doesn’t have any side effects on your business.

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What our clients ask about migration to Magento 2
An assortment of questions most frequently asked by clients, collected as on the basis of numerous communications, migrations, and the results received.
  • Only the volume of data on the hard drive is key. The more data is present, the larger the capacity of HDD. This should be taken into consideration when evaluating future costs. Media files are especially important to consider, as they take up the most space.
  • Attributes and their association with modules. Nearly all aforementioned entities consist of EAV attributes, including: name, last name, date of birth, phone number, etc. They can be categorized as basic attributes and migrated without any issue, but there are also attributes installed with modules, purchased previously and now part of a certain business logic.
  • Migration does not take into account some essential parameters of these attributes, and it is better to install them through modules (see below) instead of migrating them.
  • If there are any attributes that were created manually and additionally modified manually or through modules, any issues associated with these attributes will be discovered during testing or function debugging of the store. This is also important to keep in mind, as it is not included in the base cost of migration.
  • Time spent on monitoring.
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Perfomance test and optimization
Code review and unit tests
Quality assurance
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    If you still have questions about Magento 2, its benefits against Magento 1, challenges during migration or upgrate Magento 2 to latest version, and success stories of those who passed the line – feel free to get in touch.


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