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How To Set Up A Bigcommerce Store

BigCommerce is a powerful e-commerce website-building solution that enables individuals and businesses to run their online stores with ease. It provides an online store with everything a company needs to easily and effectively create, manage and launch a website.  With BigCommerce, companies can create a website...


Magento PIM integration

PIM or Product Information Management is the software that helps you to improve your business flow. With PIM, it is easier to manage both small businesses and large businesses. However, when connected to Magento, PIM might produce the biggest added value. This article is about...


Mail Integrations Magento

Mail and phone calls remain the main communication tools in eCommerce. Despite the rapid development of online chats and other website communication software, calling and emails are still the most frequently used means to contact people for important questions. Moreover, eCommerce businesses sometimes are misinformed...


Dashboard for Ecommerce

When it comes to running an online store, this means having a lot of responsibilities: gathering and processing loads of data, such as demographics of the customers and their preferences, customer feedback, and many other ideas and issues.  However, all of the data mentioned above are...