How To Find A Bigcommerce Developer?

How To Find A Bigcommerce Developer?
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With BigCommerce, you're able to do whatever you want in a store. You can make it look like any e-commerce store you want, or you can customize it to your needs. All that's left for you to do is to hire the right developer to create the store for you.

Hiring a developer to create custom features for your store is a good idea, but you may not be sure how to go about it. The good news is that you can hire a BigCommerce developer for a variety of reasons, including adding a new theme or app, creating a custom backend, or adding special features to your store.

And even if you don’t need to build any features from scratch, and are able to maintain the work of the shop on your own, you should still consider hiring a developer. Configuring and maintaining the store will take hours of work every week. By hiring a developer for help, you will be able to free your time and invest it in your business development, instead of doing the routine work.

In this article, discuss how to find a BigCommerce developer and explore different options available to you.

Why You Need a BigCommerce Developer?

Once created, the shop needs to be constantly improved and maintained. The following work can be done by a skilled BigCommerce developer:

Theme customization

When you launch a BigCommerce store, you'll want to make sure that it has a professional and polished look and feel. One way to do this is by customizing your store's theme with custom icons, buttons, and other design elements. While a designer can create a custom view of your website, a BigCommerce developer will be able to make it live.

Integration of third-party apps

You can greatly expand the functionality of your e-commerce store by using third-party applications. A BigCommerce developer in your team will assist with their choice, integration, and configuration of their work.


If you’re migrating from another platform, it’s important to be careful and make sure that everything is transferred to your store. It may be tempting to just upload your old store files and start with a clean slate, but it could be a disaster if your links are broken, your information doesn’t make it over, or your products aren’t even in the right category. To avoid unpleasant consequences and data loss, it is better to trust this task to a professional.

Website audit

A website audit is a good way to identify various problems with the website and to prioritize the tasks that need to be done. For example, if you have a low conversion rate, you might need to improve the design of the website or add more detailed information to your landing pages. If your website loads slowly, you might need to optimize the server or add more content. If your website has a lot of errors, you might need to hire developers to fix the issues. A website audit conducted by a skilled professional is a good way to identify these issues and to fix them in the most efficient way.

After finding Bigcommerce developer, you may consider ERP integration.

How to Find a BigCommerce Developer?

Looking for a BigCommerce developer, you generally have two main options: hiring a self-employed professional or turning to an e-commerce development agency. Whatever you choose, each variant has its own advantages and disadvantages. Now we will speak about them and give you some useful tips for hiring a developer for your BigCommerce shop.

Freelance platforms 

If you have a small project and can’t afford to hire a full-time developer, the best choice for you is to find a freelance specialist. Now we will tell you about the benefits and possible weaknesses of this decision and show some platforms where you can find a BigCommerce developer.

Pros and cons of hiring a freelancer

For many small or medium-sized businesses, hiring a freelance developer can be the perfect solution. A freelancer can be hired to work on single or multiple projects at a time. When hiring a freelance BigCommerce developer, the most important factors to consider are the type of work they can do and the type of expertise they have.

Benefits of working with a freelance developer

  • Affordable price

Due to the high market competition, the freelancers lower their rates in order to get an order. Yet, in this case, you should be ready to not get the quality you expect. Additionally, you don’t need to provide office space, medical insurance, paid vacation, and other benefits.

  • Flexibility

Since freelancers are able to choose their working hours, they can adjust their schedule to your working timeline. 

  • Expertise

Generally, freelance developers specialize in some particular area and they are good in their area. A freelance developer is a perfect variant to fill a temporary skills gap.

  • Easy to find

There are plenty of marketplaces where freelance developers offer their services. All you need is to correctly describe your job and select a suitable candidate.

Disadvantages of working with a freelance developer

  • Freelancers are less involved in your project

Generally, a freelance developer works on several projects at a time and is not a permanent part of your company. People might give less effort when they are not oriented toward long-term relationships.

  • Harder to manage

Since a freelancer is not a permanent team member and chooses the working hours on their own, communication and team management are harder. To facilitate this, you may sign a long-term contract.

  • Narrow skillset

Since a freelance developer usually has a particular specialization, he\she won’t be able to handle difficult aspects of your project.

  • Fewer resources

A freelancer is a single person and his\her capabilities are limited with available resources. While it may be suitable for a small short-term task, you’d better turn to an agency in case more serious work is needed.

List of freelance platforms

Each country has its own freelance platforms, but here are the biggest marketplaces where you can find a specialist with any skill set, from any location and within any budget.

  • Upwork

Upwork is one of the most popular freelance marketplaces. It is used by more than 10 million freelancers and employers out there. To find a BigCommerce developer, enter the details of your assignment and a list of available specialists will appear. You will be able to choose the necessary one based on their rating, skills, number of tasks completed, and hourly rate.

  • Toptal

Toptal offers a lot of Bigcommerce developers with a lot of experience. It is a platform that helps clients find a Bigcommerce developer with the right skills. You can search for a developer with the help of a keyword, a location, or a specific company. There is also a filter for experience level that helps the client decide how experienced they want the developer to be.


Social Media Platforms

Social media recruiting is a new method for finding talent that is made possible by social media. By utilizing social media, employers can gain insight into a candidate's personality traits and unique experiences without needing to rely on a traditional resume.

What is social media recruiting

Social media recruiting is a process of finding talents via social networks. According to research, 92% of employers use social networks to find talent for their job.

It is often considered a more effective way of generating reach and retaining qualified talent as it is considerably cheaper than other traditional recruiting techniques. Some of the benefits of using social recruiting are that it is a more efficient way of reaching potential new hires and that it allows for the cost to be spread out among a larger number of people. 

Social recruiting also allows for better screening of candidates, as it allows human resources to either interview candidates on the spot or through video calls.

Benefits of social media recruiting:

  • One more way to tell about your company and job
  • Reaching the candidates who are not actively looking for a job
  • Less spending on job board
  • Reaching talents from Millennials and Generation Z
  • Broad capabilities for employer branding

At the same time, in order to successfully use social media recruiting, the recruiters should be aware of best practices of using social networks.

Which social media to use

There are plenty of different platforms that can be used for social media recruiting, including the local ones in each country. Here are the biggest ones where you can hire a specialist from each point of the globe.

  • Facebook

Facebook makes it easy to find developers for your social media marketing campaigns by using the location of their profile. All you need to do is type in Bigcommerce in the search bar followed by the location you want to hire one from and Facebook will show you a list of the profiles of BigCommerce developers that are in that location.

  • LinkedIn

Linkedin is a professional networking website that allows people to connect with others, both inside and outside the workplace. The website has been used for business for many years, but recently it has been used for recruitment. Social media recruiting is the use of social media websites like Linkedin to find, recruit, and hire employees. Social media recruiting has been proven to be a cost-efficient, fast, and accurate way to find employees.

3. Company research & rating platforms 

A company research platform is a type of market research software designed to make market research easier and more accessible. A company research platform allows businesses to automate their research activities, eliminating the need to perform some of the more tedious tasks involved in market research, such as coding and data entry. 

This enables researchers to focus their efforts on the analysis and interpretation of the data, rather than on the actual data collection itself. Company research platforms allow for a wide range of research activities, from collecting data from surveys to analyzing social media data to developing market-specific reports.

How to find a BigCommerce development team

To find a company for developing and maintaining your BigCommerce website, you need to choose the appropriate category and fill in the search criteria. The platform will provide you with a list of available companies in the necessary location and within your budget. 

You will be able to study the website, portfolio, and reviews of each company and to choose the one which suits you best.

Examples of company research platforms

Here are the biggest research platforms where you can find BigCommerce development companies in any location and within any budget.

  • Clutch

Clutch is a company research platform that provides B2B research, ratings, and reviews. It evaluates companies based on over a dozen factors, including client reviews, company experience, client list, industry recognition, and market presence. Clutch is unique in that it has the ability to provide a detailed insight into the company's client list, which is beneficial for companies who want a better understanding of who they should be working with.

  • GoodFirms

GoodFirms is an online platform that lets users research and review the business of software and IT firms. It provides all the information a customer might need to decide which product, service, or company is best suited for them. At the same time, it helps IT companies and software vendors to boost user acquisition stats, market share, and brand awareness. 


We hope you enjoyed our article on how to find a BigCommerce developer. We know it can be daunting to find the right person for your project, but you should definitely consider hiring a BigCommerce developer for your next project. Our company has many skilled BigCommerce developers that are able to help you with any type of task. 

If you need professional assistance with developing a BigCommerce website, please contact us for a free consultation. We will explore the possible options and help you to choose the best solution.

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