Ecommerce PWA Examples

Ecommerce PWA Examples
Ecommerce PWA examples

Progressive Web Apps are a new type of web app that offers native-like capabilities, yet their reach and performance are indistinguishable from a website. This means that, unlike a native app, a Progressive Web App's UI won't be limited by the user's device or by the system. 

E-commerce PWAs can also access the device's offline capabilities and can use system-level notification channels to meet the needs of users across platforms. They are optimized for all platforms, and they are fast, reliable, engaging, and usable in every major browser. 

In this article, we will break down how progressive web apps work, which benefits do they have for the e-commerce business, and consider some examples of famous PWAs.

What is PWA?

Progressive web apps in e-commerce are like native apps with a better build on the web. There is no need to download and install a separate app. PWA lives in a browser, providing a fast, more reliable, and engaging user experience. Progressive web apps have an installation experience that makes users feel like they are getting an app for the first time. 

In addition to providing a smooth, native-like experience, progressive web apps are more secure. They use an application shell, called a service worker, to cache data and resources and serve it to the user. This allows the app to be installed on a new device without affecting the user’s experience

How does PWA work? 

PWA enables users to access data and content, typically through a browser interface that is hosted on remote servers connected to the internet. In this way, PWA differs from native apps that often store and access data locally on the devices themselves. 

Here are 10 common features of progressive web e-commerce applications:

1. Responsive design

2. Functioning regardless of the internet connectivity of the device

3. Fast app-like interactions and animations

4. Instant updates

5. Compatibility with all devices

6. Security

7. Indexing by search engines

8. Interaction with users via push notifications

9. Possibility to install on a home screen

10. Easy distribution via links without the need for installation

It allows PWAs to have a more seamless experience for users, as the web technologies are already supported and well-understood. 

PWA vs native app

The native app is a software application developed for specific platforms. Native apps offer a broader scope of features and can provide stellar performance and a smooth customer experience. However, native apps are limited in their scope of features and are not as flexible as PWAs. 

Native apps are perfect for companies with a specific set of features they want to use, which they want to leverage on a specific platform.

If you build a native app, you need to learn the language and build a version for each platform. That means you need at least two versions for iOS and Android, and the resources to maintain and update each version.

How to turn your website into a PWA

If you already have an e-commerce website, you can turn it into a progressive web application by following simple instructions.

1. Build the basic website

The first step would require you to build your simple website using the steps that you usually would. Websites are built using basic building blocks such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. After your website is built, the next step would be to make sure that it is mobile-friendly so that it can be used on the go.

When you deploy your website, make sure that you serve it through HTTPS. Otherwise, you're running a website on a public network, and anyone could sniff your traffic.

2. Create a web app manifest file

To make your website a Progressive Web App, you need to create a web app manifest file. This is a JSON file that has the metadata about your PWA like the name, short_name, start_url, the scope, the icons for the PWA, the theme color, the background color, and how your PWA should display. 

By taking the time to create a web app manifest file, you can ensure that your PWA is visible to users of all devices. The web app manifest file is also required for Progressive Web Apps to be added to the Chrome Web Store.

3. Adding service workers

Service workers are a JavaScript file that runs on a separate thread and is completely asynchronous. They are used to intercept network requests, cache or retrieve resources from the cache, and deliver push messages. They can also be used to implement background sync, geolocation, screen orientation, and the like. 

Service workers are a set of APIs that let you control the web for your users. It helps deliver push notifications, run your app offline, and more when the app is not active. 

Is PWA Good for E-commerce?

Progressive applications have several benefits that will be useful for any e-commerce business.

Easy to install

PWA can be installed straight from the browser without requiring any additional software downloads and doesn’t take up space on mobile devices. The installed app remains on the desktop or mobile device home screen and can be easily accessed from there. 

This feature is a significant benefit to app developers who are looking to reach more users and increase the engagement of their web app.

Native-like experience

In the past, web applications were slow, compared to native apps. Now, PWAs are fast and have the same speed and responsiveness. With Native apps, they have similar characteristics. On top of that, PWAs are much more complete. They provide the same experience as a website with database access and automatic data. 

Native apps are faster and have more features than PWAs, but they don't have the same effect on user experience. Native apps are also slower than PWAs in terms of speed and responsiveness.

Working offline

A great feature of Progressive Web Apps is that they can be installed on devices that lack a network connection. This means that you can install an app on your phone or laptop, and when you get to your destination, it will still be there. 

Due to the built-in service workers, the features and information of the PWA are saved and cached. To make sure your PWA is still accessible when offline, you can use localhost if you have a domain name.

Improved security

Security is a big concern for any business, as it is a key factor in the success of any company. In order to make sure that your business is protected, you need to use HTTPS. As a PWA, you should be using HTTPS to manage and maintain the safety of the data stored within your app. By using HTTPS, you are able to eliminate risks of security breaches, snooping, content tampering, and other illegal activity.

Enhanced performance

PWA's speed is significantly faster than traditional apps, and they offer more features. The user experience is not limited to just scrolling through content, but also to downloading, caching, and serving text, images, and other content. It is a significant improvement in performance and user experience.

Push notifications

Push notifications are an essential tool for organizations of all sizes. They are commonly used for marketing campaigns, notifications about the latest news stories, or notifications about when a new service or product is available. Now, PWAs are taking advantage of push notifications on other platforms. It means that organizations can now share their messages with a larger portion of their audience.

PWA is essential to have, but you need certain ecommerce features that make using an online store very convenient.

Examples of PWA Websites

There are three leading providers of e-commerce functionality for businesses: Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce. Famous brands use their services for powering their online shops. Now we will give you some PWA e-commerce examples built on different platforms.

Shopify PWA examples

Shopify PWA platform was launched in 2016 is called Shopify Plus. It’s a service that allows you to build a PWA in a few clicks. It’ll handle all the conversions you need, including internationalization.


Pushmycart is an online store that offers high-quality products from vendors across India to customers across the world. They offer a range of different products from fashion, art, furniture, and home decor to electronics, books, and fashion accessories.

They offer great deals on a wide range of products including on-demand delivery. With over 1,500 vendors across India, the shop offers a wide variety of products from various vendors, as well as from Pushmycart itself.



Afrozeh is a premium clothing line that focuses on providing the best to its customers through our premium sense of aesthetics. They specialize in creating intricate designs and eye-catching subtle colors on all fabrics including premium Chiffon and Lawn. 

They offer a wide range of wedding gowns, bridesmaids, and cocktail dresses in modern and traditional designs. You also can order personalization services such as embroidery, monograms, and more.

afrozeh website

Taylor Stitch

The Taylor Stitch company was founded in 2005 with a mission to create the most amazing clothing made most ethically and sustainably possible. They use the best materials, pay their workers fair wages, and ensure that the environment is protected. 

From the beginning, Taylor Stitch has restricted its supply chain to work only with mills and factories that have a proven track record of ethical, sustainable practices. 

taylorstitch website

Khara Kapas

Khara Kapas is a line of designer clothing for women. It is a modern line that offers a wide selection of designs and cuts of clothing that are appealing to everyone. At the KharaKapas website, you can find the latest, hottest, and most fashionable garments: dresses, jumpsuits, salwar suits, and more. 

Khara Kapas clothes are made from fabrics that offer a soft, comfortable, and stretchy feel. They are designed with the body in mind and are created with a focus on minimalism and comfort. The line consists of unique cuts and designs that are perfect for every woman. 



Stfrank is a luxury home goods company that is bringing a bit of the world into your home. They offer an elegant collection of interior furnishings including rugs, pillows, furniture, and more. They are committed to bringing the best of the world into your home and bringing the world into your home. 

All of their products are handmade by artisans, small businesses, and vintage dealers around the world. Each item in their collection has a cultural history of the community from which it originates.

stfrank website

Magento 2 PWA Examples

Magento PWA is a set of developer tools that helps in the development, deployment, and maintenance of a PWA Magento 2 storefront. It uses modern tools and libraries to create a build system and framework that adheres to the Magento principle of extensibility.


Eleganza is an online shop where customers can purchase luxury clothing and accessories from international designers. The company was founded to offer an alternative to consumers who look beyond the mainstream and have an eye for and interest in international fashion trends. The online store offers a wide variety of luxury brands, up-to-date designs, and an attractive price.

eleganza website

Peter Jackson

Peter Jackson Jewellery is a family-owned jeweler that has been in the business for almost 40 years. They are now one of the leading merchants in the north of the UK. Peter Jackson prides itself on quality, value, and personal service. They work hard to stay on top of the trends, as well as design their collections. 

Peter Jackson offers a wide range of jewelry with a stock of over 2,000 designs and items, including diamond earrings, engagement rings, wedding rings, pendant necklaces, and cufflinks.

peterjackson website

The Whisky Barrel

The Whisky Barrel was founded in 1994 and has a reputation for delivering the world's finest whiskies, fine rum, and Scottish gin to eager customers. To this day, they remain the most trusted online whiskey retailer in the UK and have expanded our customer base worldwide. 

Their customers know they can expect the best quality, service, and advice from our team of expert whiskey and spirits experts. The store also has a great selection of whiskey decanters, glasses, and tonics. 

whiskeybarrel website


Roeckl is a family-owned and operated business with a tradition of excellence. Today, Roeckl has grown to become one of the most respected names in the luxury glove business. The Roeckls, who have been crafting gloves since 1839 and have earned their reputation for innovation and quality, were the first to bring out a new type of glove, the "satin glove." 

Roeckl Gloves also produce high-quality leather gloves for every sport, from equestrian to hunting. Today, the company is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of gloves, with its gloves available in over 100 countries.

roeckl website

Mr Price

Mr Price Group Limited is an omnichannel, fashion value retailer with stores in over 16 countries and over 180 stores across South Africa. They offer a range of products from Apparel, Homeware, and Sportswear. With a focus on fast fashion, quality products, and a never-ending search for the best value, Mr. Price Group Limited has become a global leader.

mrprice website

BigCommerce PWA examples

BigCommerce is one of the top ecommerce platforms in the world. It also offers a lot of integrations with other platforms, including PWAs.


Burrow is a modern lifestyle furniture brand that offers a wide range of products designed to make your home a space you love. They make clever, uncompromising furniture and other nice things fit for modern life at home. 

From their comfortable, customizable sofas, sectionals, loveseats, and armchairs to our fashionable, functional rugs and tables, and five unique collections of decorative pillows and throw blankets, we have something for every part of your home. 

burrow website

La Perla

La Perla is a company that designs and manufactures luxury lingerie, nightwear and swimwear. They sell their products through their website and high-end retailers. In the last six years, they have seen tremendous growth in their business. 

They have also been able to maintain their position as one of the best-selling luxury lingerie brands in the world. Their secret to this success is their unique product, their design, and their expertise in the fashion industry.

la perla website


We hope you enjoyed our article about progressive web apps. This is a great place to start if you are looking to create an e-commerce app that is going to push the limits of how users interact with this type of digital content. If you have any further questions, please contact us to get a free consultation.

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