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Vuarnet, a renowned name in luxury accessories, embarked on a digital transformation to extend its high-end boutique experience to the online world. The brand required a sophisticated e-commerce platform to reflect its luxury status while managing the complexities of online retail for premium products.
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Our primary objective was to build an online presence for Vuarnet that matched the elegance and exclusivity of its physical stores. The project involved creating a platform capable of showcasing high-resolution product imagery, implementing advanced search filters, ensuring top-tier security for transactions, offering personalized user experiences, and managing global shipments.

Project team

  • Magento Specialists
  • Web Designers
  • Security Experts
  • E-commerce Strategists

Technical stack

Technologies Used:
Magento 2 Platform
Zend Framework,
Frontend custom solution:
CSS3 (LESS pre-processor),
Why we Choose This Stack

Magento was selected for its robustness in e-commerce, offering flexibility and control over online operations. It was ideal for handling Vuarnet’s product catalog and customer interactions, while Symfony provided the necessary support for the site’s backend infrastructure.

Challenges & Solutions
#1 Challenge
Establishing a Luxurious Online Presence
Our solution
Premium Visual Experience

Developed a responsive design using Magento 2, focusing on high-quality visuals with optimized loading.

Advanced Search Filters

Implemented a custom Magento 2 extension for detailed product searches, enhancing customer navigation.

Top-Tier Security

Incorporated multiple layers of security, including SSL encryption and secure payment gateways, for safe transactions.

Personalized Shopping Experience

Leveraged Magento 2’s capabilities to offer personalized product recommendations, mimicking in-store experiences.

Global Shipment Solutions

Integrated a comprehensive shipping module, handling international logistics efficiently and accurately.

Business Outcome
Enhanced Digital Presence

Vuarnet's transition to online retail significantly boosted its brand visibility and online engagement.


Expanded market reach and established a strong online presence in the luxury segment.

Operational Excellence

The integration of advanced functionalities streamlined the operational process.


Improved customer satisfaction and efficient global order management.

Robust Security and Trust

The implementation of stringent security measures safeguarded high-value transactions.


Built customer trust, a critical factor in luxury e-commerce.

Bespoke User Experience

Personalized shopping experiences led to higher engagement and conversion rates.


Increased customer loyalty and repeat purchases.

In conclusion, Vuarnet's venture into the digital domain with a Magento-powered platform has successfully translated its luxurious boutique experience into an equally refined online presence. The strategic e-commerce solutions implemented have significantly contributed to enhancing Vuarnet's brand value and operational efficacy in the luxury market.

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