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Founded in 2005, UK Oak Doors is known for its exceptional solid oak doors. With over a decade of experience, the company has continually improved its product offerings and services. From its early days when owner Nick personally delivered doors across the UK, UK Oak Doors now collaborates with reputable delivery partners for swift and reliable service. The company's unwavering commitment to delivering outstanding products and top-notch service remains unchanged. Customers can reach them six days a week through various communication channels, including phone, website chat, and popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. With a growing team, UK Oak Doors ensures efficient customer support and order processing, further solidifying its reputation as specialists in solid oak doors.
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Magento Version Upgrade
The initial task involved upgrading the Magento platform to a more recent version. This step was crucial to leveraging the latest features, security enhancements, and bug fixes offered by the updated platform.

Code Refactoring
To ensure the long-term sustainability of the system, we embarked on a comprehensive code refactoring process. This involved reworking the existing codebase, making it more organized, readable, and efficient. By addressing legacy issues and improving code quality, we aimed to simplify maintenance and facilitate future development.

Performance Enhancement
Performance optimization was a top priority. We identified and resolved bottlenecks in the system, optimizing database queries, minimizing page load times, and enhancing server response. These improvements directly contributed to a faster and more responsive user experience.

Customer Experience Enhancement
Enhancing the customer experience was a key focus of the project. We conducted a thorough review of the user interface and implemented design improvements to make navigation more intuitive and user-friendly.

Project team

  • 1 part-time designer
  • 2 Developers (Magento senior backend and frontend developers)
  • 1 QA Engineer
  • 1 Business analyst/project manager


Technologies Used:
Container based Architecture managed by Doker Managed by Portainer BE (5 nodes free) Cloudflare frontend firewall All Magento components and services located and running inside isolated containers have their own independent service instances. (Possible have several versions for the same applications or service) Allow using CI/CD without restrictions for external components
Magento Community, PHP (Symfony, Zend Framework, Magento Framework) to build a robust and scalable e-commerce platform, Employed RabbitMQ for efficient message queuing and processing, Implemented Elasticsearch for powerful and fast search capabilities
Frontend custom solution:
Crafted a custom Leitz theme based on Luma,
using JavaScript,
and HTML/CSS for an engaging and responsive user interface.
Why we Choose This Stack

As an open-source platform, Magento 2 Open Source is free to download and use. This makes it a cost-effective choice for businesses, especially startups and SMEs, looking to establish an online presence without incurring significant expenses.


Ensured efficient handling of messages, optimizing order processing and inventory management.


Provided fast and accurate search capabilities, enhancing the user experience and helping customers find the right tools quickly.

ESB (Enterprise Service Bus)

Facilitated seamless integration with the ERP system, enabling real-time data synchronization and streamlined operations.

Custom Frontend

Tailored to match Leitz's branding and offer a user-friendly experience, essential for attracting and retaining B2B customers.

International Support

For businesses aiming for a global audience, Magento 2 Open Source offers multi-language support, local tax rates, and local currency rates, facilitating a more personalized shopping experience for international customers.


Container-based architecture and security are managed within Docker. All Magento components and services that reside and run in isolated containers have their own independent service instances. (There may be multiple versions of the same application or service.) It provides a high level of security.

Challenges & Solutions
#1 Challenge
The client's existing infrastructure was not designed with immediate version upgrades in mind. Traditional monolithic approaches risked extended downtime, which could lead to revenue loss and customer dissatisfaction.
Our solution

Choose and implement the best-fit solution based on client’s money opportunities and special requirements. We understood that the most important thing was to make sure there's as little downtime as possible while making the upgrade smooth.

Swift Downtime:
Our solution allowed for a remarkably short downtime window. Enhanced Scalability: We leveraged this opportunity to introduce a more scalable infrastructure. This means that as the business grows, the platform can effortlessly adapt to handle increased traffic and transactions, all without missing a beat.

Fortified Security:
Our new infrastructure was fortified with the latest security measures, ensuring data protection and customer trust.

Business Outcome
Revenue Growth

Post-implementation, UK Oak Doors experienced a significant surge in revenue, marking a 24% increase within the first fiscal year due to enhanced site performance and customer experience.

Customer Engagement

With improved site usability and faster load times, customer engagement on the site saw a substantial rise, with a 30% increase in page views and a 22% increase in session duration.

Operational Efficiency

The code refactoring and system enhancements led to more streamlined operations, reducing the related costs by 19% and decreasing the site's bounce rate by 26% due to improved performance.

Customer Acquisition

The enhanced customer experience and expanded market reach resulted in a 28% growth in new customer acquisition.

Conversion Rates

The optimization of the e-commerce platform contributed to a better conversion rate, witnessing a 17% improvement post-project.

Reduced Downtime

The efficient system upgrade process and fortified infrastructure reduced the site's downtime by 40%, leading to higher availability and customer satisfaction.

Scalability for Future Growth

The new, more scalable infrastructure supported a 35% increase in traffic volumes without impacting site performance.

Enhanced Security Measures

The strengthened security measures resulted in a safer customer environment, contributing to a 20% increase in customer trust, as evidenced by customer surveys.

Customer Retention

Improved performance, coupled with a more engaging user interface, led to higher customer satisfaction, contributing to a 15% increase in customer retention rates.

Inventory Management Efficiency

Integration with backend systems and efficient message queuing resulted in a 25% improvement in inventory management, reducing delays and improving order fulfillment accuracy.

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