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This case study focuses on a UK-based startup specializing in marketing and lead generation software. As an existing client for whom we had previously developed Magento projects, the startup founder approached us as a trusted partner to support their new venture. The initial task was to develop the first version (MVP) of a new product, with plans for team expansion following subsequent funding to implement the client's vision into the working product.


The primary goal was to develop an MVP for the startup's new product. Upon securing funding, the objective shifted to expanding the team to incorporate the client's ideas into the product.

Project team

  • 1 React Tech Lead
  • 3 Senior React Developers
  • 1 Laravel Tech Lead
  • 1 Laravel Developer

Contract Duration

  • 2+ years

Technical stack

Technologies Used:
Challenges & Solutions
#1 Challenge
Launching MVP Under Tight Deadlines

The challenge was to quickly launch the first version of the application to kickstart the startup's marketing campaign and secure initial funding.

Our solution

Initially, the team comprised 1 React Lead/Architect, 2 Senior React Developers, and 1 Laravel Developer. Within four months, the MVP was created and a demo was released.

#2 Challenge
Incorporating Critical Features Post-Funding

After securing funding, the team faced tight deadlines to implement important and critical features that would influence the product's development.

Our solution

Following the investment, the team was expanded to full strength. Several product releases were successfully rolled out, and the product continued to evolve. It attracted over 3,000 paid subscribers (exact number to be confirmed) and secured a new round of funding.

Business Outcome

The strategic partnership and technical expertise provided by our team were instrumental in the successful launch and ongoing development of the startup's product. The achievement of key milestones, such as the MVP release, securing funding, and expanding the subscriber base, underscores the project's success in driving growth and innovation for the client.

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