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Murad stands as a luminary in the skincare industry, renowned for delivering innovative, science-backed products for various skin types. Built on the philosophy that "beautiful skin is healthy skin," Murad merges cutting-edge research with age-old wisdom. Offering solutions for a myriad of skin concerns, Murad has cemented its status as a trusted name among skincare aficionados. Their commitment to sustainability, community contribution, and broad accessibility further cements their holistic approach to beauty and wellness.
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Our partnership with Murad focused on enhancing their e-commerce capabilities to better reflect the brand’s essence and to accommodate its expansive growth. This encompassed a comprehensive redesign of the online shopping experience, optimizing the site for high-volume traffic, especially during peak sale seasons, and tailoring the user experience to nurture customer loyalty.

Technical stack

Technologies Used:
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Why we Choose This Stack

We selected BigCommerce for its robust e-commerce capabilities, allowing for a combination of low/no-code tools and custom front-end solutions. This choice facilitated a scalable, customizable e-commerce solution that effectively showcased Murad's extensive product range and adapted to the growing demands of the skincare market.

Challenges & Solutions
#1 Challenge
E-commerce Expansion and Scalability
Our solution
Customized Product Display

Implemented a dynamic product showcase on BigCommerce, enhancing product discovery and purchase.

Scalable Infrastructure

Ensured the platform was capable of handling traffic surges, crucial for maintaining uptime during sales and product launches.

Enhanced User Experience

Integrated a skin assessment quiz for personalized product recommendations, thus improving engagement and increasing order values.

Seamless Third-party Integrations

Employed BigCommerce’s API capabilities for smooth integration with inventory, CRM, and email marketing tools, facilitating streamlined operations.

Loyalty and Rewards Program

Launched a rewards system to encourage repeat purchases and build customer loyalty.

Mobile Optimization

Focused on mobile responsiveness to provide seamless shopping experiences across all devices.

Business Outcome
Elevated Customer Engagement

The user-friendly product display and skin assessment quiz led to a 25% increase in customer interaction.


Higher customer satisfaction and repeat business rates.

Operational Scalability and Efficiency

The BigCommerce transition resulted in a 35% reduction in site downtimes, even during high-traffic periods.


Consistent revenue streams and enhanced customer trust.

Revenue Growth from Personalization

The enhanced user experience and personalized approach contributed to a 20% increase in average order value.


Substantial revenue growth and increased profitability.

Strengthened Brand Loyalty

The introduction of a loyalty program saw a 15% increase in customer retention.


Strengthened brand loyalty and long-term customer relationships.

Growth in Mobile Commerce

Mobile optimization led to a 30% increase in mobile transactions.


Expanded reach and convenience, catering to a mobile-centric customer base.

In conclusion, our collaboration with Murad led to significant advancements in their e-commerce presence, reflecting their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. The strategic enhancements in online experience and scalability have poised Murad for continued success and growth in the dynamic beauty and skincare market.

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