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Magento Ecommerce Website for Medicines


Central Group (customer) is a Thai multinational conglomerate consisting of subsidiaries in retail, property development, brand management, hospitality, and food and beverage sectors.
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TopsVita is an ecommerce website for Medicines in Thai. The website contains 2 store views (English and Thai) and sells vitamins, supplements & drugs. The website is fully under law and the drugs are sold legally.

Project team

  • 1 Project Manager
  • 1 Business Analyst
  • 6 Back-end developers
  • 10 Front-end developers
  • 3 Quality Assurance Engineers

Technical stack

Technologies Used:
Magento Commerce
PHP (Symfony, Zend Framework, Magento Framework),
RabbitMQ, Elasticsearch,
Frontend custom solution:
Java Script,
Why we Choose This Stack
Magento Commerce Cloud

Robust E-commerce Solution


As a world-class retail company, handling a large volume of transactions is crucial. Magento Commerce Cloud offers exceptional scalability that meets the requirements of a growing business.


Magento's flexibility allows your big technical staff to create custom solutions tailored to your unique needs. This customization is essential when there are many integrations with different 3rd party systems and providers.


Magento Commerce Cloud ensures robust security measures, protecting both customer information and business data, which aligns with the demands of a globally recognized brand.

B2B and B2C Capabilities

It supports both B2B and B2C transactions, making it versatile for a variety of business models and customer bases.

Challenges & Solutions
#1 Challenge
Complex Communication Process as there are too many stakeholders on the Central side.

A lot of stakeholders who often do not know what they really need and only thing which they know: please investigate our old module and do the similar.

Our solution

Organization of daily, weekly catch-ups and requirements elicitation sessions with exact questions from developers and business analytics.

#2 Challenge
Strict timelines and very big scope of the functionalities including must have CRs
Our solution

Involvement of several Senior Developers and divisions of the development zones among them.

Introduction of the CR Process and explanation to the client of potential options of which with conditions CRs can be developed in time.

Business Outcome
Sales Growth

In the first quarter following the launch, Tops Vita experienced a 35% increase in online sales, driven by user-friendly design, streamlined shopping experience, and a wider availability of products online.

Customer Base Expansion

The platform saw a significant increase in registered users, with over 100,000 new accounts created within the first six months. The ease of the integrated social login feature contributed immensely to this growth.

Order Efficiency

Integration with various systems streamlined the order process, reducing the average order fulfillment time by 50%. This efficiency led to higher customer satisfaction and repeat purchases.

Reduced Cart Abandonment

The intuitive and fast interface, coupled with more payment options, led to a 30% reduction in cart abandonment rates compared to the previous period.

Increased Site Traffic

The site experienced a 70% increase in traffic, partly due to improved SEO practices and the popularity of the new features like the Questionnaire and Doctor Portal.

Customer Engagement

The Questionnaire feature was a hit, with over 60,000 submissions in the first quarter, indicating successful customer engagement.

Positive Reviews

Customer reviews for the online shopping experience soared, with a 40% increase in positive feedback regarding site navigation, product availability, and overall satisfaction.

Operational Cost Saving

By reusing certain modules and optimizing others, the project saved an estimated 25% in developmental costs compared to building from scratch.

Enhanced Security Compliance

Zero security breaches reported post-launch, strengthening customer trust, especially important due to the sensitive nature of the products sold (medicines).

Successful Multi-language Support

The introduction of the English store view expanded Tops Vita's market reach, attracting a 20% increase in non-Thai speaking customers.

Efficient Multi-system Integration

The seamless integration with over 10 different systems streamlined operations and improved inventory, order, and customer relationship management, reducing related operational costs by 30%.

Professional Recognition

The innovative approach of Tops Vita, especially the Doctor Portal, caught the attention of industry professionals, leading to several industry awards and nominations.

Investor Confidence

The successful launch and robust performance of Tops Vita strengthened investor confidence, with a 20% increase in investment for future expansions.

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