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Stumpel, a prominent figure in the book retail industry, took on the ambitious project of transitioning from a traditional brick-and-mortar store to a comprehensive online retail presence. The project's core task was to create a digital platform that could manage their vast collection of books, facilitate an excellent user experience, and seamlessly integrate with existing inventory systems.
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The primary objective was to digitize Stumpel's extensive book catalog, ensuring the e-commerce system was scalable, user-friendly, and capable of real-time inventory management. The project also aimed to customize the online platform to cater specifically to the unique attributes of the book industry, such as editions, cover types, genres, and author profiles.

Project team

  • Backend Developer
  • Frontend Developer
  • QA Specialist
  • Project Manager

Technical stack

Technologies Used:
Magento 2 Platform
Zend Framework,
Frontend custom solution:
CSS3 (LESS pre-processor),
Why we Choose This Stack

Magento was selected for its rich e-commerce features, offering Stumpel complete control over online functionalities. Its robust capabilities in SEO, catalog management, and marketing tools were ideal for creating an unmatched shopping experience. Magento's scalable architecture and intuitive administration interface made it perfectly suited for Stumpel's transition to digital retail.

Challenges & Solutions
#1 Challenge
Developing an Efficient Online Book Retail Platform
Our solution
Performance Enhancement

Implemented a scalable cloud hosting solution and utilized Magento 2’s advanced indexing and full-page caching to handle large volumes of books.

User Experience Overhaul

Redesigned the UX/UI for seamless navigation, integrating Elasticsearch for effective search functionality and developing responsive design templates for device compatibility.

Inventory Management

Integrated Magento 2 with Stumpel’s in-store inventory system for real-time updates, ensuring accuracy across all sales channels.

Customization for Book Retail

Developed unique cataloging and author profile features within Magento 2 to cater to the specific needs of the book industry.

Business Outcome
Digital Transformation

Successfully established a robust and scalable online presence for Stumpel


Expanded market reach and transitioned seamlessly into the e-commerce space.

Enhanced User Engagement

The new platform’s intuitive design and advanced search capabilities led to improved user interaction.


Increased customer satisfaction, lower bounce rates, and higher conversion rates.

Streamlined Operations

Efficient inventory management and performance optimizations streamlined online operations.


Reduced operational challenges and enhanced customer service efficiency.

Bespoke Features for Book Retail

Tailored product attributes and author profiles enriched the online shopping experience.


Reinforced Stumpel’s position as a specialized book retailer in the digital domain.

Resilient Infrastructure

The platform adeptly managed traffic surges, particularly during peak sales periods.


Maintained consistent performance and reliability.

In conclusion, Stumpel’s venture into the digital retail space with a Magento-powered platform has successfully translated its vast book retail experience into an effective and user-friendly online store. The strategic e-commerce solutions have significantly contributed to enhancing Stumpel's operational efficiency and market presence, solidifying its standing in the digital book retail market.

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