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Custom and E-commerce Solutions for Medium and Large Businesses


The company, which remains unnamed due to confidentiality agreements, specializes in custom solutions for medium to large businesses. They approached Softloft with a challenge to expand their existing team due to capacity issues. Their team was unable to meet the increasing demand for client projects and the development of a new e-commerce solution, particularly a headless commerce approach for Bigcommerce.


The client needed a lead architect and two developers who could collaborate closely with their team to develop client solutions.

Project team

  • 1 React/BigCommerce Lead Developer
  • 2 React Front-End Developers

Contract Duration

  • 1+ years

Technical stack

Technologies Used:
Challenges & Solutions
#1 Challenge
Expanding Team and Enhancing Performance

The client faced delays in delivery and miscommunication with clients, stemming from the existing team's inability to manage the growing workload.

Our solution

The lead architect began with a preliminary analysis and audit, quickly familiarizing themselves with the existing solutions. Within two weeks, they outlined a strategic direction and a preliminary roadmap. Two additional developers were then brought on board to bolster performance and handle over 60% of the client's current workload.

#2 Challenge
Tackling Specific and Complex Challenges

There was a need for innovative approaches to address specific and complex tasks, including checkout functionalities.

Our solution

Over the course of several months, the team's performance improved by at least 40%. They introduced multiple new solutions and refined existing ones that were causing performance and management issues, leading to significantly better delivery efficiency.

Business Outcome

The collaboration resulted in a marked improvement in the client's delivery capabilities, culminating in the signing of at least two new implementation contracts. The strategic expansion of the team and the adoption of innovative solutions significantly boosted the client's market position and customer satisfaction.

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