Social Network (NDA)

IOS Mobile Application - Social Network


Mobile Social Network Application with Video Challenges Functionalities.


  • Analyzation of the similar applications / applications - competitors.
  • Preparation of the base requirements to the application based on the analysis.
  • Scoping and discussion killer application features with the client
  • Application Architecture Planning and Design (including technologies planning, programming languages)
  • Full Infrastructure Planning & Configuration
  • Active participation in the design phase (help with the feedback, sometimes some design adaptations on the SoftLoft side)
  • Video Players Providers analyze, communicate with each 3-d party and help in the selection.
  • Integrations with Video Provider (Azure), SMS Providers (Twilio), Push Notifications Provider (Firebase), back-office tool (Retool).
  • Development of the application based on the architecture designed.
  • UAT Phase support - sometimes in real time during customer’s events.
  • Detailed Software Requirements Specification to the whole mobile application before the project development starts.
  • Load and Performance Testing in order to be sure that the application can work properly with at least 10000 concurrent users.
  • Communication with Apple and application adaptation to all Apple rules in order to successfully upload an application to the AppStore.
  • Web-version of the main application pages (user profile, posts)
  • Tights timelines as the application was to be ready before new education year (end of August)

Project team

  • Core Team:
    1 Project Manager,
    1 Business Analyst,
    1 Back-End Lead Developer,
    1 IOS Lead Developer,
    1 DevOps,
    1 Quality Assurance.
  • Extended Team (in the middle of the project):
    1 Project Manager,
    1 Business Analyst,
    1 Back-End Lead Developer,
    3 Senior Back-End Developers,
    1 IOS Lead Developer,
    2 Senior IOS Developers,
    1 DevOps,
    1 Quality Assurance,
    1 Load and Performance QA
  • At the beginning of the project we had Application Architecture.


Technologies Used:
Microservice architecture, .Net 7, Swift 5, Rxswift, PostgresSQL, HTML, CSS, ReactJs, Realm, Rest APi, MVVM-C, UIKit - UI, Azure DevOps, Azure Infrastructure
Why we Choose This Stack

As a world-class social network, it is very crucial to handle large numbers of the concurrent users (which will be increased from day to day) and work with a very quick speed. Microservice approach allows to easily add new and new instances to the particular services without any application interruption.


Easy customizable application. It is divided into 6 independent parts (each part is responsible for the particular role, like customers, analytics, back-office) which allows it to add new features without regression to other application parts.


Solution offers a fast and responsive user experience.

Development Efficiency

Solution is renowned for its developer-friendly architecture. Also very friendly and well - known interface for users.

Azure Infrastructure

- Well-Known infrastructure vendor with a wide variety of functionalities.
- 24/7 support
- Partnership subscription with the good credits

Challenges & Solutions
#1 Challenge
Application performance in the conditions when a lot of calculations should be done

Maintaining a good performance (immediate application response to the users) when a lot of calculation should be done at the same time.

Our solution

A separate microservice with the possibility to aggregate the information from several other microservices was developed. Some calculations were developed as asynchronous + global leaderboards were moved to the cron job approach (data update 1 time in 10 minutes).

#2 Challenge
Big estimates and costs to the back-office functionalities development

Development of the custom back-office is a difficult task which can be considered as a separate project task with the estimation of 500+ hours.

Our solution

Investigated and found an open source CMS solution with which we were able to integrate in order to push application data to it. The estimation for the back-office part was reduced up to 3 times and CMS already contained basic functionalities.

#3 Challenge
Video Player Functionalities

Development of the video player functionality is 1000+ hours.

Our solution

Investigated and found about 4 potential video player vendors, had a meeting with each of them in order to understand their pricings and possibilities. Selected Azure Media player and successfully integrated in 1 week.

Business Outcome
User Growth

Within the first quarter post-launch, the application saw an exponential growth in user registration, with over 50,000 new users, indicating a strong market reception.

User Engagement

High engagement levels were recorded, with users posting over 150,000 video challenges in the same period, showcasing the app's appeal and functionality.

Active Users

The platform maintained an impressive daily active user ratio, with more than 70% of registered users engaging with the app daily, thanks to its interactive features and reliable performance.

App Store Ratings

User feedback on the App Store was overwhelmingly positive, with an average rating of 4.8 out of 5, highlighting user satisfaction with the app's performance and feature set.

Reduced Operational Costs

By leveraging open-source solutions and efficient microservices architecture, the project saw a reduction in backend operational costs by approximately 45%, without compromising on functionality.

Marketing Efficiency

The application achieved around 2,000 organic downloads within the first two weeks before substantial marketing efforts, indicating a strong market presence and user interest.

Infrastructure Scalability

Post-launch, the platform experienced peak traffic periods with over 10,000 concurrent users, and the robust infrastructure efficiently handled this load without performance degradation.

Feature Deployment Speed

Thanks to the microservice's architecture, the development team was able to roll out new features 60% faster compared to industry standards, keeping the app fresh and competitive.

Content Creation

Users generated over 300,000 minutes of video content within the first month, creating a rich content base for new users and contributing to the app's viral growth.

Investor Interest

The successful launch and promising growth metrics attracted interest from several venture capital firms, with the app securing a substantial investment for future expansion.

Community Building

The platform successfully fostered a community, with users actively participating in challenges, creating over 20,000 community groups, and engaging in over 500,000 interactions (likes, comments, shares) within the initial months.

Brand Collaborations

The app caught the attention of various brands interested in collaborating on marketing campaigns, with over 15 partnerships established in the first quarter, contributing to revenue and user engagement.

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