Major European Marketing Company

Marketing (Development Division)


In this case study, we explore the collaboration between Softloft and a prominent European marketing company, comprising over 200 employees. Due to confidentiality agreements, the company's name will remain undisclosed. The client faced a significant challenge with their company's growth and the inability to find suitable employees in their local market to meet their current growth and ambitions. Furthermore, they had a negative experience with an outstaffing company that provided employees whose skills and experience were significantly below what was claimed, adversely affecting the company's performance and delivery.


The client approached Softloft with the need to rapidly expand their partner team with senior-level specialists and to ensure efficient delivery. Another key task was to gradually replace the vendor that had failed to meet the partner's expectations. At that time, the partner lacked a testing system, with project managers handling testing duties.

Project team

  • 8 Magento developers (back-end and front-end)
  • 4 Testers
  • 3 Project Managers/Business Analysts
  • 1 Akeneo Developer
  • 2 React Developers

Contract Duration

  • 3+ years

Technical stack

Technologies Used:
Magento frontend
Magento backend
Challenges & Solutions
#1 Challenge
Rapid Team Expansion

The immediate challenge was to swiftly expand the partner's team with senior-level specialists and seamlessly integrate into their existing team to ensure delivery. Additionally, the goal was to gradually replace the underperforming vendor.

Our solution

The initial team consisted of 2 developers and 1 project manager. Gradually, it expanded, and recommendations were made to implement QA processes within the company. This change significantly relieved the project managers, improving the quality and speed of development.

#2 Challenge
Lack of Testing System

The partner did not have a dedicated testing system, leading to an increased workload on project managers and potential quality issues.

Our solution

The implementation of a structured testing process and the inclusion of skilled testers in the team markedly improved development quality and efficiency.

#3 Challenge
Growth and New Directions

The client needed to rapidly grow during peak demand periods, expand their customer base, and launch new directions such as Akeneo and PWA development.

Our solution

Expanding the team with experienced developers and project managers enabled the client to swiftly grow during peak demand, expand their customer base, and explore new avenues like Akeneo and PWA development.

#4 Challenge
Performance Monitoring and Feedback

The absence of a systematic approach to monitoring and feedback for employees could potentially lead to issues or escalations.

Our solution

The introduction of a monitoring and reporting process for all employees, coupled with monthly performance reviews and feedback, allowed for prompt responses to potential problems or escalations.

Business Outcome

The partnership between Softloft and the European marketing company led to remarkable advancements in team efficiency, quality of service delivery, and expansion capabilities. The introduction of a structured testing system, coupled with the inclusion of skilled testers, alleviated the burden on project managers and significantly improved the quality and speed of development. This strategic move facilitated a streamlined workflow and a more focused project management approach. The team's expansion with seasoned specialists allowed for a rapid response to peak demand periods and opened new avenues for growth in Akeneo and PWA development. Moreover, the implementation of a robust performance monitoring and feedback system enhanced employee accountability and ensured continuous improvement in service delivery. These collective efforts resulted in the marketing company successfully overcoming its growth challenges, improving its internal processes, and expanding its customer base while maintaining high-quality standards in its deliverables.

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