Key Retailer in the Middle East

Retail, Fashion, Beauty, and Food


This case study examines our collaboration with a significant retailer from the Middle East, managing over 80 brands across nutrition, retail, fashion, and beauty sectors. Due to confidentiality agreements, we will not disclose the company's name. The retailer approached Softloft with an urgent need for qualified developers and business analysts, as their existing development center in India was unable to keep up with the demands from their various brand business teams.


The client was grappling with a rapidly expanding backlog of bugs and tasks. These tasks often required multiple revisions, leading to prolonged completion times. Additionally, the absence of a clear task resolution protocol and coordination issues between business team members, the internal IT team, and various external vendors were causing significant delays and communication challenges.

Project team

  • 6 Developers
  • 1 Business Analyst

Contract Duration

  • 2+ years

Technical stack

Technologies Used:
PHP/Magento 2 (Enterprise)
PIM Systems
Challenges & Solutions
#1 Challenge
Technical Team's Lag in Task Implementation

The technical team was struggling to implement new tasks and requirements set by business teams, resulting in considerable delays.

Our solution

The addition of 6 senior developers and a business analyst, all proficient in English, to immediately tackle the most critical tasks. This intervention helped the team manage the critical backlog and stabilize the situation within the first month.

#2 Challenge
Escalating Bug and Task Backlog

A rapidly growing backlog of bugs and tasks was being compounded by tasks often requiring multiple revisions, which extended the overall time to completion.

Our solution

Identification of bottlenecks in the development, testing, and task assignment processes, followed by recommendations for their resolution. Some tasks saw resolution times decrease from months to just a few days due to optimized communication and development/testing processes.

#3 Challenge
Coordination and Communication Challenges

Difficulties in coordination and communication among business team members, the internal IT team, and several external vendors led to inefficiency and task duplication.

Our solution

Establishment of clear communication protocols and responsibility zones. This included conducting offline meetings at the client's office, brainstorming sessions with the client's team to create a roadmap for task resolution, and formulating a detailed plan of action. Additionally, a comprehensive field audit at the client's development center was carried out, resulting in a list of 30 recommendations for improving and optimizing the development process and communication.

Business Outcome

The integration of the Softloft team led to substantial improvements in project management and execution efficiency. The resolution of critical backlogs and the implementation of optimized communication strategies resulted in a streamlined workflow, timely completion of tasks, and enhanced coordination among different teams.

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