Fitness Industry Startup from the USA



This case study delves into our engagement with an innovative fitness startup from the USA. As a long-time client, for whom we had successfully executed various projects, they approached us to bring their new app idea to fruition. The task was to create an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for their fitness application, designed for easy and engaging immersion into fitness and a healthy lifestyle. The app, named XX, provides personalized workouts tailored to each user's goals and preferences, aiming to make fitness accessible and fun for all by fostering a motivating community and integrating social features.


The client's primary objective was to:

- Develop an MVP based on their concept.
- Launch the product within 6 months with additional funding.

Key Features of XX

- Social Functions and Community: Creating a virtual fitness community for users to share achievements, create challenges, and motivate each other.
- Nutrition Care Service: The app includes a feature for tracking nutrition with customizable meal plans and recipes aligned with fitness goals.
- Gamification for Motivation: Integrating gaming mechanics such as challenges, achievements, and rewards to make fitness more engaging.

Project team

  • 1 Business Analyst
  • 6 Developers
  • 1 Designer

Contract Duration

  • 4 Months

Technical stack

Technologies Used:
.NET Ecosystem (ASP.NET Core, Xamarin, Azure)
iOS Development (SwiftUI, UIKit)
Challenges & Solutions
#1 Challenge
From Concept to Product Vision

The client had a preliminary app idea but lacked a clear solution and product vision.

Our solution

A full-time business analyst conducted market analysis, competitor benchmarking, in-depth interviews with potential end-users, and defined the product vision, goals, CJM (Customer Journey Map), and USM (User Stories Map), outlining the scope of work.

#2 Challenge
Development and Market Launch

The project scope expanded during development, threatening the 6-month deadline for key feature implementation.

Our solution

After scope update, the business analyst conducted a risk analysis. To reduce the risk of missing deadlines, two options were proposed: simplifying several low-priority features or adding more developers. The client chose the first option, allowing successful completion within the timeframe with all critical features.

#3 Challenge
UX Testing and Feedback

UX testing revealed that the app's interface design did not meet the target audience's expectations and habits.

Our solution

Two solutions were proposed: quick adjustments based on feedback or a complete redesign by an experienced designer focusing on the target audience's interests. The client opted for a redesign, which significantly improved the app's UX, aligning it with user expectations.

Business Outcome

The collaboration led to the successful launch of the fitness app within the planned timeframe, meeting the client's objectives and user expectations. The strategic approach in development, coupled with an agile response to user feedback and a focus on key features, resulted in a product that resonated well with its target audience. The comprehensive process from concept to execution demonstrates our ability to transform visionary ideas into market-ready products.

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