Constructing and furnishing eCommerce company

Construction and Finishing


This case study outlines our work with a key player in the UK's construction and finishing industry, focusing on e-commerce solutions for entrance and internal doors, door hardware, and fittings. The project's primary goal was to upgrade their e-commerce platforms, primarily through Magento platform enhancements, code refactoring, and performance optimization.


The client aimed to:

- Upgrade the Magento platform to its latest version for improved features and security.
- Refactor the self-written code to optimize performance while retaining the platform's original logic.
- Enhance the website's speed and user experience.
- Develop new features for better UX/UI.

Project team

  • 2 Software Developers
  • 1 Business Analyst
  • 1 Quality Assurance Specialist

Contract Duration

  • 6 Months

Technical stack

Technologies Used:
- PHP/Magento 2 Community Edition
- RabbitMQ
- Elasticsearch
- JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, HTML/CSS
- APIs (REST and SOAP)
- Cloudflare
- Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)
Challenges & Solutions
#1 Challenge
Upgrading Magento Platform

To update the Magento platform to the latest version, enhancing functionality and security.

Our solution

The team successfully upgraded Magento and all related modules, boosting security and enabling access to the latest platform features.

#2 Challenge
Code Refactoring

Existing self-written code was inefficient, leading to errors and poor performance.

Our solution

Systematic refactoring enhanced code organization, readability, and efficiency, while maintaining the platform's core logic and functionality.

#3 Challenge
Website Performance Optimization

A critical need to improve the website's operational speed.

Our solution

Strategic updates, including refactoring and front-end logic optimization, significantly boosted website performance.

#4 Challenge
Improving Communication and Server Support

Communication lapses between the development and server support teams were causing server downtimes.

Our solution

Established clear communication protocols and a responsibility matrix to ensure smooth operations and quick resolutions of server-related issues.

#5 Challenge
Infrastructure Enhancement for Feature Deployment

The outdated infrastructure hindered efficient feature deployment.

Our solution

A new CI/CD-based server delivery process drastically reduced deployment times, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Business Outcome

The project marked a significant step forward in the client's digital strategy, enhancing their e-commerce platforms' capabilities. The Magento upgrade, backend infrastructure improvements, and UX/UI enhancements have positioned the client for continued growth and improved customer satisfaction. The collaboration successfully met the client’s comprehensive goals, demonstrating a blend of technical innovation and strategic execution.

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