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About Magento Customization

When it comes to Magento customization benefits, there are some of them that should be definitely mentioned. First of all, if you contact Soft-Loft, a trustworthy Magento development service, it will surely make your store features more user-friendly. In addition, we`ll help you break all Magento restrictions. Plus, you`ll get a flexible and scalable Magento store that can speed up your sales. By the way, due to successful Magento customization you will have a chance to reach new markets as well.

Magento customization


Make your store features more user-friendly

Our Magento development experts are fully equipped and highly experienced. Our speciality is creating successful e-commerce sites - with us you can have a streamlined online store, with all the latest technology, making it easy and enjoyable to use. We are your one-stop shop for e-commerce success!


Break all Magento Restrictions.

Building an online store can be daunting if you are new to the world of e-commerce. We are highly experienced in Magento development and provide our customers with tailored, fully comprehensive services. No Magento restriction can stop our experts - with us you get premium service, when you need it!


Get more flexible and scalable store

Within the ever changing e-commerce marketplace, it is important to be ahead of developments when they come. We specialise in building fully flexible and scalable streamlined sites with the latest Magento technologies - you can be confident in our fully comprehensive services and expert experience.


Get more flexible and scalable store

Customer browsing and buying experience counts for everything in e-commerce, with customisation and ease of use paying dividends. We develop fully tailored, customised and streamlined Magento stores with all the latest technology integrated, ensuring your customers are satisfied and your sales rise.


How We Work


Discuss requirements

Our fully customised services are based on comprehensive communication with clients. Before commencing, we discuss your project and its requirements with you, ensuring you get exactly what you want.


Do research and consulting

With an understanding of what is needed, we conduct extensive research in order to provide our client with the best option. We ensure that you get optimum services which meets your business’ needs.


Provide quote

Our pricing system is simple and effective, ensuring clients don’t get caught by hidden costs. Once we understand your project and what it requires, we provide a complete quote for all our services.


Conduct development

With dialogue having established needs, we begin the development process. Throughout this stage we maintain ongoing and extensive communication with you, ensuring we provide exactly what you need.


Conduct testing

Once development has been completed, we conduct extensive tests to ensure our high standards are met. With our thorough approach and comprehensive testing, you will get the best possible results.



With successful test results, we launch our client’s project. Our Magento experience ensures that your launch will not only go smoothly, but result in streamlined operation and optimum performance.

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