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When it comes to Magento customization benefits, there are some of them that should be definitely mentioned. First of all, if you contact Soft-Loft, a trustworthy Magento development service, it will surely make your store features more user- friendly. In addition, we`ll help you break all Magento restrictions. Plus, you`ll get a flexible and scalable Magento store that can speed up your sales. By the way, due to successful Magento customization you will have a chance to reach new markets as well.

Your benefints to work with Soft-Loft


Cost effective – high quality with ukrainian prices

We provide comprehensive Magento development services at competitive prices, ensuring that you can enjoy the full benefit of our expertise – without breaking the bank.


High skilled inhouse team

We only recruit the most experienced Magento development experts, ensuring that our team will provide you with the highest quality tailored services, every time.


Great communicatiom

Our Magento customisation is fully tailored to specification, for which we maintain a constant dialogue with you to ensure you get the best results.


Experience in all aspects of magento development

We know every aspect of the Magento platform and are up to date with every development, ensuring you get the most sophisticated online store possible.


No timezone difference issue

We understand the importance of expedience in online business and work around the clock, providing you with full services regardless of your timezone.

Mission statement

Our mission is to excel in what we do: to constantly explore the boundaries of technology and apply our expertise to the fullest benefit of the customer. We want to establish a long term relationship with our clients, allowing our services to support your way of doing business in a rapidly evolving industry.

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Our lovely clients!

After may troubles and poor coding with our previous web developers, it was very refreshing to work Petr and his team at Soft-Loft. From the moment GO Petr and the team were very thorough and knew what they were doing. There is a reason they are called Magento Experts and that is simply because they are. Due to poor coding from our original developer our website would run very slow and not allow us to upgrade our platform to the latest versions of Magento. Petr and his team were able to precisely and accurately target the problem and fix it efficiently. Now our site runs up to 10 x faster, an actual fact! Their English was very good and i did not have any trouble communicating my requests with the team. Having built several major website project and using many different web developers i am confident in Soft Loft and will definitely be using their services again in the future. Its not often you come across people on the web that actually know what they are doing. If your reading this you have found the right developer.


Adrian Mazzocchetti

Analys4IT is a company specialized in web solutions. We develop web shops using the Magento community edition engine. Since our customers are in most cases distributors we need customization and connection with their existing ERP. We worked with a few Indian freelancers but the result was poor. We wasted a lot off time in restarts from scratch since the don’t always understand described business processes. Finally we found the Soft-Loft team in Ukraine. Working with the project manager Petr Datsko is a real pleasure. He knows ho he need to translate the analysis to his team and they deliver high quality integration before the promised deadlines. These guys are Magento experts in the meaning of the words.


Danny Zeegers

From the very beginning of the project, Soft-loft provided the very highest levels of project management and technical expertise. Every aspect of development was always handled with care and consideration, while allowing me to stay in constant communication with the actual developers and project managers. Flexibility and eye for details (development and server management) has made Soft-loft a very valued partner for us. You can trust that they will deliver within the fixed budget, and on time. Keep up the good work.


Bas P

We already work with Soft-Loft for about 3 years and build up a good relationship. Their knowledge of PHP development is outstanding resulting into good working websites, E-commerce solutions (based on Magento) and back-end systems based on PHP/Zend Framework. One of the main reasons to work with Soft-Loft is their pro-active way of communication and clear stage planning. flexibility and fresh vision in their solutions.


Rene Smit

Soft-loft has worked very professionally with our project. We experienced a very professional managing of the project, and with strong skills in Magento, Soft-Loft went beyond our expectations. Furthermore they has a great understanding of the dynamics in our market, and how to take hand of these matters. We can only strongly recommend Soft-Loft.


Allan Stolc

I contacted developers from China and India before hiring Soft-Loft to work on my Magento project. Petr, Sergey and their team were easy to work with and did a great job integrating Magento’s user database with a third-party CMS. Due to their competitive rates and faster than agreed on turn-around time I wouldn’t hesitate to hire them again for Magento projects.


Claus Conrad

It has been an absolute pleasure and privilege to work with the Soft-Loft Ukraine. Their robust technical knowledge, combined with their willingness to ensure that a project meets and exceeds your expectations, has been a tremendous asset for my business during the last year. I look forward to any and all further interaction I have with this wonderful group of peopl


Dmitriy Goroshin

Soft-Loft very professional magento team. Have provided a great work for my project. All tasks have been gone very fast and seriously. Also very nice addional design for addional pages. I hope to have the opportunity to work with this team in the future. Thanks


Roman Korobov

Soft-Loft is a company with great expertise on Magento and Magento extensions , it’s a pleasure to work with these guys who have excellent communication and project management skills combined with a great use of the English language.


Fabio Canovi

Soft-Loft team has provided us a great work. They have given us a very good technical solution to a hard problem.


Adriano Feruglio