Ecommerce platform consulting

The world of e-commerce is as varied as it is competitive, with a vast array of platforms available, but Magento stands out of the mass as the most popular, versatile and innovative option for e-commerce success. A comprehensive Magento consultation will provide you with a personalised understanding of how this platform can assure your future. 


UI and customer experience

The bedrock of a successful e-commerce business is a happy clientele, so user interface and experience are priorities in any online venture. Your e-commerce business will benefit from streamlined, intuitive design, boosting traffic and satisfying clients. A comprehensive Magento consultation provides expert analysis, advice and adjustments that will achieve this.


Magento migration consuLting

Magento is the most versatile and popular e-commerce platform available, with businesses migrating their online stores to it all the time. Your online store will thrive on the Magento platform, but only a comprehensive Magento consultation can ensure that every element of your migration is planned and every potential issue is solved.


Technical consulting

A successful online store relies on a wide range of complex, interdependent technical elements to operate. Whether you are looking to upgrade, redesign or resolve issues with your online store, a Magento consultation is the best way to gain a comprehensive understanding of problems and arrive at intuitive solutions.


Integration with 3rd part application consulting

Many e-commerce businesses benefit from utilising third party applications, specific to their market focus, integrated to their website. Your online store can benefit from similar integration – addressing your specialist needs and providing efficient service. A comprehensive Magento consultation will highlight your best options and result in a more streamlined, enjoyable experience for your customers.


Improvements, bug fixing and maintence consulting

Due to increasing complexity, technology is often subject to incidental performance issues; what’s more, market developments mean technologies become outdated ever quicker. A Magento consultation provides invaluable insight into issues, solutions and improvements for your online store – benefitting your e-commerce business and resulting in a website that operates at optimum levels.

Ecommerce and Magento consuting

Get expert opinions and solutions to your e-commerce issues, from our team of experienced Magento development specialists. We provide comprehensive consultations which consider every aspect of your e-commerce enterprise, finding the best way to ensure future success.