New Features


Open, Flexible Architecture

Magento 2 provides an unbeatably versatile platform on which to construct your e-commerce business: let us ensure your success with a flexible and streamlined online store.


Enhanced Business Agility and Productivity

With the smooth running, seamless functioning of Magento 2 and our specialist knowledge to back you up, the results will speak for themselves: the latest technology at your disposal.



Magento 2 offers a fully scalable, integrated platform for your online store, allowing for projects of any size: take on new challenges and reach higher levels with us.


Easy Management, Maintance and Upgrade

Keeping your e-commerce business performing and in order has never been easier: we’ll provide you with an online store that meets every specification and is completely in your control.

What We Can Do for You

Migrate your current store on Magento 2

Our team of Magento 2 trained experts will work with you to plan your upgrade, ensuring we retain as much data from your previous installation as possible whilst highlighting what needs to be changes before beforehand. Contact us today to discuss your Magento 2 upgrade requirements.

Build new awesome store on Magento 2

In a competitive market its essential that your site performs as fast as it possible can. Even a few seconds can put off potential shoppers; our performance tuning team will work tirelessly to ensure you’re getting the most out of your site in terms of performance and speed.

Guide your about Magento 2

Downtime and operational issues can critically impact your eCommerce site, causing loss of revenue and damage to your reputation with customers. The Pixel’s technical team ensure your site remains up and working at optimum levels, providing the high level support you need for continuing business success.

Soft Loft will guide you to a new era in eCommerce

If you’re familiar with previous versions of Magento, you’ll already be well
aware of its ease of use and other beneficial features, but Magento 2 takes
that to a whole new level, creating the most user-friendly and scalable
eCommerce environment yet.

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