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How we help reduce risks and improve delivery process for our partners

At SOFTLOFT, we do more than write code, on the contrary, we are owners. We work diligently to best understand our customers’ needs, frustrations and how we can add value to the purchasing consumer on every digital experience we work within: until each engagement is live we act as a Whitelabeling agency representing a Digital and Marketing agency. That is to say, we work on their behalf on consulting and technical issues. This split of responsibilities facilitates a better delivery experience for Customers and, therefore, saves their time and expenses immensely.

Successful project acceptance and deployment is our core value. We will never commit unless we are 100% sure we will excel in it. Here are some of our hands-on essential approaches to collaborating with Agencies based on our 100+ projects experience.

The initiation phase is extremely important. It is all about elicitating and evaluating requirements. Often times customers do not know the exact functionality they need like upselling or direct email marketing. These features proved efficient in enhancing the volume of items added to cart or retaining buyers by building shoppers’ loyalty. It is highly probable to overestimate or to underestimate the efforts. This is when we step in scrutinizing the scope both at the requirements elicitation and pre-sales. We provide the necessary consulting, formulate requirements and audit / evaluate tasks preliminarily. We do know that nowadays online buyers are spoiled and expect a direct, intuitively understood online buying process without extra moves or distractions.

In reality, it happens like this. The customer is seeking to start a new project or to migrate the existing one to a new platform (often not even Magento). After a thorough check, we come up with a list of clarifications. By the way, it happens all the time that a client did not even think about some features like a responsive design or a clumsy checkout process before we start to analyze. Fortunately, our extensive experience with various projects come very handy.

After the research and questionnaires are processed, we approach the customer with a second round of questions to elaborate on business needs even more profoundly. For instance, we might insist on avoiding a mistake of not including an omnichannel retailing strategy. It will inevitably lead to getting behind by online advanced competitors Then, our analysts translate the elaborations into the technical language of developers under the close supervision of a customer. The technical specification (TS) will embrace both high-level and detailed bits of functionality. The client participates closely and gives his final approval.

Risk management is one of the crucial articles of the TS. Man-days efforts and possible alternatives are to be critically evaluated well before implementation. When it is done at a business analysis stage, the project delivery is much more successful and cost-efficient. It is obvious, sticking to the budget and meeting deadlines makes customers super happy. Neglecting individual needs is another risk we point out to be avoided like personalized services of free delivery or promo codes.

Later on, the TS is broken down into granular tasks. They will include aspects as data security, product return and refund, shopping cart abandonment, and competing against retailers and manufacturers. In this way, we help build transparency and enhance buyers’ loyalty. Next, we plan the agile sprints of development. Scrum is really enhancing clarity for the customer. A precise schedule of development and going live visualizes the efforts and increments at a specific moment in time. Finally, after the customer signs off the TS, the development starts.

Hopefully, you will take advantage of these small tactics and they will make your business run smoother and increase profitability. But that is quite a different story. To be continued, folks…