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Why Do You Need an Ecommerce Store Audit?

ecommerce store audit

What is an eCommerce Store Audit?

eCommerce audit is a professional review of the online business that is performed by a seasoned specialist or an experienced agency focusing on eCommerce. Generally, an eCommerce audit might cover the areas of content, design, SEO, platform analysis, conversion rate, and more. With a properly performed audit, you are going to know more about the opportunities of your business, and you will definitely learn the areas that need improvement when it comes to the functioning of the business. Most importantly, with an eCommerce store audit, you will get a thorough and detailed assessment and review of your online store. The audit of your store is going to contain a list of recommendations and explanations of how to improve your online store in a way to get a higher conversion rate and bigger sales.

Features of eCommerce Store Audit

With an eCommerce store audit, you will get a detailed review of your store and its functions, including the performance of the website and its pages, notes on optimization with explanations, description of errors found in code or improper layout, as well as the investigation of security hotspots. All the information is going to be presented in detail, with the scores and the detailed description of why’s and how’s for each issue.

Benefits of eCommerce Store Audit

Practically, knowing the issues that need to be fixed in the code and security might save the image and reputation of your brand, allowing your sales to grow and allowing you to avoid unpleasant situations of the need to apologize to the customers. With the timely eCommerce store audit, you are going to be ahead of your competitors in being feature-rich and security-sufficient. 

What you get with eCommerce Store Audit from SOFTLOFT

The SOFTLOFT company is an innovative eCommerce software company, providing the full range of services related to Magento and custom web development. This means that our professionals have got rich experience with the development and improvement of a variety of eCommerce websites. The SOFTLOFT company has a variety of daily activities that extends to all phases of development and support of online business, which means the SOFTLOFT team is ready to assess and estimate the specifics of the online retail, offering suggestions to improve the existing online store. Thus, SOFTLOFT is doing an eCommerce store audit of the website part of your business. 

Shortened content of the eCommerce store audit provided by SOFTLOFT is given below. Just contact us to get your individual one. 

Example of Store Audit

The object of audit: local copy of

Auditor: СTO/Tech lead


Date: __.__.2021

  • eCommerce Store Audit
  • Front-end
  • Best practices/Front-end optimization
  • Recommendations for improvement
  • Back-end
  • What are metrics influenced by? What should we expect? And how is the evaluation made?
  • Causes of bad code:
  • Analysis of code by the repository. Includes PHP, PHTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML files.
  • Issues
  • Issue Types
  • Security Hotspots
  • What is Security Hotspot?
  • Why are Security Hotspots Important?
  • PHP errors that we will examine
  • Remove the use of this variable 
  • Cognitive Complexity of functions should not be too high 
  • Control structures should use curly braces
  • “switch” statements should have “default” clauses 
  • A conditionally executed single line should be denoted by indentation 
  • Functions should not have too many parameters
  • Local variables should not have the same name as class fields 
  • Merge this if statement with the enclosing one 
  • Either remove or fill this block of code. 
  • Methods should not have identical implementations 
  • Functions should not have too many lines of code 
  • Unused “private” fields should be removed 
  • Minor bugs table
  • Performance testing
  • Test indicators for key pages of a website
  • Analysis of metrics and the impact of various processes on them
  • Recommendations