Being Nimble & Niche in Offering Cutting Edge Ecommerce Solutions Burgeons SoftLoft at GoodFirms

Top ecommerce development company in Ukraine
Top ecommerce development company in Ukraine

Providing the full range of services related to Magento and custom ecommerce solutions endows SoftLoft as one of the top ecommerce solutions providers in Ukraine at GoodFirms.

Overview of the Company

SoftLoft originated in 2008 is based in Ukraine. It is innovative eCommerce software providing global clients with flexible, secure, and cost-effective E-commerce solutions. It provides fully-tailored services matching individual purchasers' needs, with enduring support and a quick problem-solving approach. Moreover, the group also assures that the solution presented will operate non-stop to the full extent. The trained developers produce comprehensive Magento development services at competing rates, ensuring that customers reap the full advantages of the expertise, without straining their budget. Furthermore, the unit recognizes the importance of efficiency in online business, and serves round-the-clock, furnishing consumers with full service at any proffered time.

SoftLoft operates three offices in Ukraine, and it also holds its offices in the UK & Denmark. Moreover, SoftLoft is looking forward to set its footprint in the USA and Australia in 2020. Having 12 years of existence, the expert Magento developers have produced 50+ successful projects to 500 fortune customers and have intensified their businesses, respectively.

GoodFirms’ Research Process:

GoodFirms is one of the pioneering research and reviews online portals that assess different B2B companies for making the tasks of the service-seekers easy and productive. The assessment process is based on significant principles - Quality, Reliability, and Ability. Similarly, the GoodFirms unit also assessed SoftLoft and affirmed it to be one of the top ecommerce development and Magento development in Ukraine and the UK, respectively, at GoodFirms.

The following is the evaluation report of SoftLoft made by the GoodFirms’ team:

With a history in ecommerce web engineering, the web developers at SoftLoft have hands-on experience with the product and decades' worth of industry knowledge. The expert unit at SoftLoft furnishes the best possible ecommerce solutions to the customers at the national and international levels. SoftLoft's developers possess expertise in producing scalable and secure e-commerce solutions. Each of their merchandise is a unique delivery, complying with the precise client specifications. The expert group covers talented developers, designers, and social media specialists who assist their clients in achieving solutions that satisfy their needs. The professional developers are well-versed with all major e-commerce platforms, including Magento, Shopify, Woo Commerce, etc. Owing to their success in the ecommerce field, the team at SoftLoft has earned a position amongst GoodFirms top e-commerce developers in Ukraine.

Furthermore, the particular approach adopted by the ecommerce developers at SoftLoft purveys to the needs of the customers from large scale to small scale and mid-sized industries. The developers provide the consumers with features like Migration to Magento2, Magento development, Magento support, Magento consulting, Magento Audit, custom PHP development, Frontend Development, and Magento outsourcing.

The review and the scorecard displayed are confirming the quality service offerings given by the professionals at SoftLoft.



Between new business patterns, marketing trends, and UX best practices and the ever-changing gusts of shoppers' demand, it's more essential today than ever before that ecommerce organizations are created on flexible, adaptable, and resilient software platforms. The team at SoftLoft meets patron’s wants wherever they are, whenever they want, and however, they want. From simple online stores to more complicated marketplaces, the system that powers client relationships and sales are critical to an ecommerce business's success. That's why the team offers an all-in-one, custom ecommerce solution to help clients' engage with their users at every turn.

The expert developers understand that much of an ecommerce business's power rests in its experience to communicate with clients across a variety of channels, upselling and cross-selling based on products they might like. These practices enable the team to nudge clients to return to abandoned shopping carts and offer them coupons to lure them to come back to the shop. The custom ecommerce applications developed at SoftLoft are SEO-friendly and outfitted to support email marketing, Facebook advertising, and more to keep the clients' business in constant contact with their users. Thus, crafting successful online stores for UK clients, SoftLoft got ranked among the best ecommerce developers in the UK at GoodFirms. 

Owning an autogenous expert group of front-end and back-end developers with impeccable problem-solving abilities and excellent experience, SoftLoft equips Magento services to different companies around the globe. The understanding of developers' team regarding all Magento development, as well as their capacity to identify and to specialize in other technologies and frameworks, is what makes SoftLoft the best partner that a client will ever be able to find in the market.

Furthermore, the developers at SoftLoft provide top-notch solutions for their consumers by focusing on building the user experience and consumer service. With certified Magento developers begetting expertise in Magento formation and code standard, SoftLoft's unit can support the purchasers in not only creating a new eCommerce store but also in enhancing poorly developed websites. The certified Magento team at SoftLoft delivers outstanding B2B and B2C online store solutions. This has led the firm to get recognized among the best Magento development companies enlisted at GoodFirms.

The review displayed below is confirming the capabilities of the developers at SoftLoft.

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