Shopify Custom Checkout

Shopify custom checkout
Shopify custom checkout

Today, the eCommerce market is growing but still, the number of customers abandoning their carts is huge. According to the statistics, more than half of users abandon their carts when shopping. Even when they return to continue shopping, the users are still more likely to abandon their carts than make a purchase. For business owners, it is not a piece of good news. That said, for website holders and store runners, it is crucial to retain their customers and build trust in them. Customizing the website is a good idea to stand out in the retail business and start building trust in the customers. Let's figure out together what a Shopify custom checkout is and what its advantages are.

Reasons to Develop Shopify Custom Checkout App

While the majority of online businesses use eCommerce platforms to start and run their businesses, the checkout process is very similar for many. For example, Shopify provides an easy-to-use checkout page as a part of the package to every business. However, a checkout page is pretty much alike for all Shopify-run stores. At this point, a custom Shopify checkout app might help to add some distinguishing features to the checkout process, such as automatic address suggesting, storing financial information, and offer other helpful tips. Thus, using the Shopify custom checkout app is helpful to reduce the cart abandonment rate, which is beneficial for businesses. 

Shopify Custom Checkout Goals

There is one tip for emotional buyers: keep your credit card in the wallet, far from your bed or your smartphone. It is a nice tip for those, who want to decrease their spending on the Internet, but it is also a thing to think about for store owners. The thing is, there is a need to simplify the process of ordering as much as possible to get the order placed. When the customer proceeds to checkout, he or she is asked to input the billing information, card information, etc. and within the process, the tips to keep the card away might distract the buyers from your store. Shortcut your checkout process: do not make your customer input this information if there is a chance to get rid of this step.

When the customer continues to checkout, and the checkout is smooth and quick, the chance to complete the purchase is really high. When you ask too much, the customer is more likely to give up. When the checkout page is not built wisely, the customer might just exit the page. To avoid this, consider using the custom checkout app. For the users of the

Shopify platform, there are usually two approaches to building a custom checkout page. The first one is to make sure the checkout process is quick and free from the things that are not a must to input. The second one is to build the customer process in the way so that the customer knows the checkout is going well every step of the way.

Shopify Custom Checkout: The Project Plan

As a rule, a checkout process starts with placing an order on the Shopify website. Then, the customer is taken to the secure checkout page, which might be on the website of the store or the website of the payment gateway. Then, the customer is prompted to enter or confirm his or her shipping address and specify the delivery method. When it comes to shipping options, the customer usually needs to choose among the options of standard ground, expedited ground, or the airway bill. Of course, the choice depends on how soon the customer needs the items and how much he or she is willing to pay.

The next step for the customer to select is the payment method. Usually, the customers need to choose any option from credit payment, debit payment, wallets, or cash on delivery. When the option is chosen, the customer might take a look at the order one more time to confirm it. When confirmed, the customer is shown the Thank You page. This makes the Thank You page so important: the customers who spend money on buying goods and services see it right after they spent their money for you, so the Thank You page must really look nice. 

Customized Checkout App Features

When describing customized checkout features, there is a need to mention several features that might be beneficial for the business owner. The first one is using the suggested address feature. With this feature, the customer might avoid inputting his or her address every time he or she places an order. It is a good move to reduce the checkout time and increase conversion. The second one is integrating a wider choice of payment methods. With a wider selection of payment methods, it is easier for the customer to find their favorite one. When the checkout page is integrated with the payment processor, major credit cards, debit cards, and digital wallets are accepted, which brings more customers to you. 

Adding such features as visual badges, optimized UI, and clear discount information help to attract customers too. For example, visual badges help to increase trust in customers and attract them to the business. Optimized UI makes the checkout process clearer and easier while adding customers a sense of how important the purchase is for you. Clear discount information is what makes you look trustworthy in the eyes of your customers, i.e. you have more opportunities to build trust in your customers and turn new customers into recurrent ones.

Benefits of a Custom Checkout App

The first and foremost benefit of the custom checkout app is its flexibility. While merchants experiment with different types of products and various checkout flows, they need more flexibility for their business models. For example, with customized checkout, businesses might offer a wider payment gateway choice for their customers. Thus, the customers might choose the payment provider they trust, and the businesses might increase their conversion rate. 

When custom checkout includes more shipping gateway integration options, it is easier for the customer to choose the one he or she trusts to pay with. Custom development also allows businesses to use a variety of carriers, and for every delivery service necessary, a professional team will configure the service to use at the checkout. In addition, a custom checkout app might add more upsells to the checkout and be effective at offering the customer the items he or she might potentially like. All of this leads to the custom checkout app adding more to the conversion rate, bringing more customers in.

The Development Plan

When developing a custom checkout page, there is always a choice of using pre-existing Shopify custom checkout page or developing a checkout app from scratch. When designing a pre-existing page, it is a chance to create a custom checkout page quickly and effectively, but the features might be limited. When it comes to developing a new checkout app from scratch, it is going to be a longer and costlier process but the result is going to be ideally fitting the missions of the business. 


We at SOFTLOFT have a team of experts working with Shopify to create the most suitable experience for online businesses. A custom checkout app is a step towards safe and appealing checkout so that the more customers complete their purchases instead of abandoning their carts. Just contact us to get a hand of a professional hand and a custom checkout app for your business. 

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