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Mail and phone calls remain the main communication tools in eCommerce. Despite the rapid development of online chats and other website communication software, calling and emails are still the most frequently used means to contact people for important questions. Moreover, eCommerce businesses sometimes are misinformed to believe that social media are now the most valued tools to reach customers. 3.9 billion people use their email service daily, which is more than the number of social media users combined. Thus, make sure you do use email marketing techniques. This article is going to tell you about mail integrations for Magento.

Benefits of Email Marketing 

When thinking about the use of email marketing, make sure you know about its benefits. Effective email marketing might do many nice things, including reducing the shopping cart abandonment rate because your customers read their emails, and they might return to complete their purchases if you remind them. However, the reduction of the cart abandonment rate is not the only reason for using email marketing techniques. 

Benefits of email marketing include but are not limited to:

  • Increased customer acquisition
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Boosted trust in your business
  • Improved customer loyalty
  • Higher conversion rate

As a result, there is a constant demand for email marketing systems that are working well. For the majority of the ESPs there exist email extensions to choose from. Of course, Magento is no exception, and there are plenty of email marketing tools integrated into Magento.

Mobile application is a key step to improve your overall marketing campaigns. Create a Magento 2 mobile app and ensure that your campaigns are mobile-friendly.

Top Solutions for Magento

Practically, all solutions that are described in this article are good enough for Magento. Usually, choosing the email marketing solution depends on the needs and size of the business, and there are no poor choices. It is your expectations, your budget, and compatibility with your ESP that need to meet for your ideal mail integration. 

Listrak Retail Solutions


Listrak Retail Solutions is a free mail integration for Magento. It is a user-friendly email marketing platform that helps to develop and implement successful email marketing campaigns and messaging and allows to extract the customer preferences, which is important for more precise targeting of your audience. With Listrak, you can use advanced segmentation techniques, study behavioral triggers of your customers, gather and process historical data of the customers, and predict future behaviors of your customers.

Aweber Magento extension


Aweber is developed to help you attract more customers to your Magento store. It is a mail integration app that allows you to create and edit newsletter lists, automate marketing campaigns and manage your marketing campaigns effectively enough to extract necessary data. On the other hand, Aweber asks for a subscription or a fee when it comes to posting contacts in your account and does not provide full customization opportunities for your newsletters. Even for RSS, you don’t even get standard editing tools.



Bronto is a favorite ESP marketing tool for many businesses. The main benefit of Bronto is its power of social media messaging tools.

The integration offers advanced web store reporting, highly developed marketing emailing, and rich customization opportunities. When it comes to developing marketing campaigns, Bronto offers powerful features of monitoring, gathering, saving, and processing data about your customers’ choices, and the monetary value of their choices, as well as the recency and frequency of visits and purchases. 

Bronto also supports multi-channel integration, which means you will have the opportunity to connect several stores to the same account. In addition, with Bronto, you are getting the automated newsletter and abandoned cart reminders, but the price is customized individually, too, so you will need to ask for a quote to estimate the cost. 



MailChimp is often the first choice for small businesses because it is free unless you have more than 2,000 customers and need to send more than 12,000 emails monthly. So, it is a free service for those businesses that are small enough to use MailChimp opportunities and a paid service for the businesses that have already grown bigger.

The benefits of the MailChimp service include but are not limited to:

  • Creating personalized recommendations
  • Setting personal abandoned cart reminders
  • Establishing the workflow of the customer lifecycle
  • Tracking customers’ data automatically.

Constant contact Magento

Constant contact Magento

Constant Contact is the app that is designed specifically to create the opportunity to design and implement professional marketing campaigns. The app has a built-in smart email editor and allows customization and designing of your emails up to your needs. Customization is easy and is done with drag and drop gestures, so it’s possible to redesign and fully customize the emails for your business with no technical skill or knowledge. Social ads and tracking tools are added to the app too.

Magento Email Marketing Pack by AheadWorks

Magento Email Marketing Pack by AheadWorks

The most important feature of the Magento Email Marketing Pack is targeting people according to their actions. The service offers you to track the activities of your customers, define the events that are crucial for you, and send targeted emails about these activities. The app allows the use of three different tools at the same time, namely Follow Up Email, Market Segmentation Suite, and Advanced Newsletter. These tools ensure customized email marketing triggers and fully customizable emails, which is convenient to increase awareness about your brand.



Remarkety is an easy-to-use service that has excellent extension integration and a strong support team. Remarkety allows scaling business with the rise in the monthly payment. The minimal subscription is as low as $25 and is a good idea for small businesses that are at the start of their digital business. The email editor allows full customization of emails that might be developed based on pre-designed items. Another feature of Remarkety that is famous demanded and popular is tracking emails and reporting customers’ preferences, including the amount of time spent on the website after they followed the link in their email. This information is precious for those who need to find out the preferences of their target audience. 

In addition, Remarkety allows to effectively process the data gathered about the customers and their behavioral patterns. Remarkety helps to shape product recommendations and offer discount coupons based on the personal choices of the customers. Also, reward and loyalty programs and cart abandonment reminders are easier to create and develop with the data about customers retrieved with the customer information.

Convertkit Magento


Convertkit Magento is a great tool for creative professionals and it offers a set of user-interface settings that allow creative professionals to use the Convertkit for promoting their skills using the email services. The biggest benefits of Convertkit Magento are its easy integration with Magento and other digital selling platforms and easy mailing automation for businesses.


The biggest perk of Omnisend is its multichannel focus. With Omnisend, it is easier to automate email marketing, even across different channels. Thus, practically, Omnisend replaces the array of the tools that you might be using. Moreover, Omnisend is more generous than MailChimp as it offers up to 15,000 emails monthly for free. Moreover, the standard plan for Omnisend starts at as little as $16 and increases as soon as you scale up your business, adding more users and more emails to send. 

Marketo Magento integration

Marketo Magento integration

Marketo is the app that helps to extend the functionality of Magento, adding perks of Adobe and the benefits of email marketing to the Magento online store. The advantage of Marketo is its rich functionality, shaping email design, and tight connection with Magento. Practically, Magento and Marketo get synchronized every 5 minutes, and it allows deep data synchronization and better real-time reporting. In addition, you get advanced analytics, increased opportunities, and more. However, Marketo is not that simple for beginners, so it might be tough to start using it. 


Until today, the most compelling means of communication is through emails. Emails provide your customer with guidance and the feeling that you are not alone. It is the emails that remind you about abandoned carts, different promotional campaigns, and small bonuses that you want to do for your customers. Probably, it is the Magento integration solution that makes you aware of the features of the email marketing automation but it also helps to automate marketing emailing processes that you might spend a lot of effort otherwise. If you are still in doubt, which solution to choose, contact SOFTLOFT professional team and we will help you with choosing and the consequent integration of the tool. 

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