Magento Multi Store Advantages

Magento platform is an incredibly powerful e-commerce tool. That is why SOFTLOFT specialists have chosen it for eCommerce solutions development.
One of the benefits Magento gives to developers and their customers is multi store function. Now there is no need to create multiple eCommerce back ends to set up and manage several online shops. These shops can offer the same products, have common categories, share order details and buyers. Magento allows adding new stores extremely easily and effectively.

The first choice that should be made by the client is a URL structure of the multi store Magento-based site. The variants available are:
– take the same domains with different directories (www.theshop/, www.theshop/
– host several stores with different domains but sharing the same Magento back end
– use sub-domains for as many Magento powered shops as you need (,

One the main benefits of using Magento multi website setup store functionality is the possibility if managing numerous stores with the same goods but different prices and languages. That allows a shop owner to broaden their audience, to realize all the opportunities online store business gives. Variable prices and languages permit to cover potential buyers with any level of profit and people living within different
territories. All this can be achieved from a single admin panel. So, multi store development option offered by Magento is unwisely to neglect. Taking orders from different clients gets easier with the shops developed on Magento.

Magento Multi store is also a feature that provides the stores owners with the flexibility to use the same admin and back-end for several shops with different currencies.

Under current conditions everybody faces SEO necessity while their online business development. With Magento platform multi store is an evident solution. For visitor navigation the same as for Search Engine Optimization, the advantages are huge. By dividing the products into more focused fields, one can much more easily find and target the suitable expressions and keywords.

In a word, we are ready to implement in your online store this excellent Magento instrument – multi store retailing – for the maximum your business is supposed to achieve.

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