Magento 2 Amazon Integration

Magento 2 Amazon Integration
Magento 2 Amazon Integration

Amazon is a worldwide corporation that is headquartered in Seattle, Washington and is famous around the world. Moreover, Amazon is the first thought that comes to your mind when you are thinking about purchasing something. Amazon is also an example of the online retailer growth, having expanded from selling electronics and supplies to the huge online market that offers whatever you think about. As of today, Amazon has got more than 150 million users across the world, with more than 90 million active users of Amazon Premium located in the US. As a result, the integration of Magento 2 and Amazon enables the creation of Amazon categories and independent attributes in Magento stores, which makes the product integration and configuration for Amazon easier. With the Magento 2 and Amazon integration, you are going to start selling on Amazon very quickly.

Magento 2 Amazon integration key features

Magento 2 Amazon extension makes selling on Amazon smooth and convenient. Key features of integration of Amazon and Magento 2 include but are not limited to multi-account support, synchronization of all data and information, sharing of personal information, and shipment tracking and management. A more detailed description of the features is provided in the bullet point list below.

  • Multi-Account Support

With the integration of Amazon and Magento 2, you will be able to manage multiple Amazon accounts from a common Magento panel. With this feature, products and orders from different accounts are going to be managed simultaneously, with no additional effort.

Magento Integration
  • Bulk Product Upload

With Magento 2 Amazon extension, you are going to be able to upload all products simultaneously. There is no need to list products individually on Amazon accounts as soon as all items are going to be uploaded together, from the same Magento 2 panel. 

  • Real-Time Synchronization

There is no need to update the pages to see the real numbers of sales and inventory as soon as Magento Amazon integration establishes a perfect real-time synchronization between your Magento store and the Amazon retail page. This reduces the chance for error when selling, and ensures you see the latest and the most correct data. 

  • Order management

The orders from the Amazon shop are added to your Magento 2 store in real-time. This, you can see and manage the orders in your Magento 2 admin panel as soon as they appear. 

Amazon Sales Channel
  • Increased product visibility

The integration of Magento 2 and Amazon allows for increased optimization and updating of the keywords that allow a boost in the visibility of the product on Amazon.

  • Shipment tracking

Shipment tracking is much easier with the integration of Magento 2 and Amazon because the data are saved and tracked in one place, in the admin panel of Magento 2. Once the shipment is created in Magento, it is automatically synced to Amazon.

  • Product data validation

The tool for product data validation allows to assess and validate information about the product according to the standards and values of Amazon. 

  • Order automation

With order automation, order management is getting easier. Particularly, when a new order is received from Amazon, it is automatically synchronized with Magento and can be further tracked with the Magento admin panel and Magento tools.

  • Product category mapping

Category mapping is another pain of the online retailer when it comes to entering the Amazon marketplace. With the Magento 2 and Amazon integration, category mapping is automatic, as soon as your categories are aligned with ones of Amazon. Moreover, the feature is intended to make sure that your products are placed into the right category to find them easy for the customers. 

  • Product Profiling Feature

Finally, integration with Amazon helps you to process the personal information of your customers. With the integration, you can obtain the personal information of your customers according to the Amazon Marketplace Data Protection policy, and it’s up to you to decide whether to store the information or not.

The entire idea of the integration of Magento 2 and Amazon is to make it easier to sell the products on Amazon. The integration makes your life simpler and ensures that the conversion and sales rates are growing. Hus, if you plan to develop your business online, you’d better think about integration with Amazon as soon as you have this option. 

Amasty Amazon Integration for Magento 2 extension: Integrate your Magento 2 store with Amazon and boost your sales 

One of the most popular Magento 2 and Amazon integration extensions is the Amasty Amazon Integration for Magento 2 extension. The best feature of this extension is that it allows automatic synchronization with multiple accounts on Amazon. That said, you can manage your Amazon accounts from your Magento admin panel, just after adding your accounts in general settings. Moreover, the accounts are connected in both ways, i.e. you can add listings to your Magento account and they are going to be uploaded to Amazon accounts, and vice versa. 

Firebear extension: Improved Import & Export Magento 2 extension 

 Firebear extension is a fully functional Magento 2 extension aimed to connect Magento 2 and Amazon to facilitate online retail. Firebear extension offers to have all controls at the Magento backend. At this point, improved import and export allows the flawless transfer of information. With the Firebear extension, it is quick to develop complex data feeds for every product. In addition, with Firebear extension, import and export mapping and presets are available. The same as with the Amnesty extension, Firebear can sync the data and exchange real numbers of inventory and sales in real-time but requires setting a schedule of synchronization. 


To put it simply, if you think about connecting the two, namely Amazon and Magento, you are on the right track. Magento 2 Amazon Integration and Magento Amazon Integration, Magento 2 Amazon tools save time and effort for merchants because they allow to simplify the selling process and keep a better track of numbers. SOFTLOFT company has got a rich experience with developing online selling websites and we are always glad to help with new useful integration tools. Just contact us to get timely and professional help. 

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