How to Hire Shopify Developer: The Ultimate Guide

hire shopify developer
hire shopify developer

Today, more than a million merchants use Shopify to run their businesses online. What’s more interesting, merchants running on Shopify are of all sizes, from tiny retailers to giant wholesale corporations. The most probable reason why they all chose Shopify is Shopify having many solutions that work right after installation. 

However, all businesses need to have their own individual adjustments, which means online shops need Shopify developers to run smoothly. Shopify’s mission is to make commerce better for everyone while the mission of Shopify developers is to customize Shopify to the particular needs of every business. So if you are looking to hire a Shopify developer read this post till the end to get our tips.

shopify development

How to Spot Great Shopify Web Developers

Practically, it is a professional with highly developed professional skills, who is an excellent communicator and is attentive to your project and to the details of it. 

Amazing Portfolio

Ideally, a Shopify developer has already prepared a portfolio with the previous projects. In the case if the most of developer’s projects work in your industry, and you like them, you’re lucky, it is your developer. Ideally, you are supposed to test the websites that are represented in the portfolio. You are supposed to estimate the operation speed and functionality need to correspond to what you want for your website. 

Awesome Testimonials

A selected Shopify developer is going to have a notable number of positive testimonials about the work done. Even better if the websites described in testimonials are available. The more you like the style and features of the websites, the better.

Excellent Communicator

Usually, soft skills are neglected when it comes to hiring but your Shopify developer should be a competent communicator. An effective communicator can quickly explain what’s happening with your project. Moreover, a Shopify developer with awesome communication skills will maintain your connection and give your feedback. The developer will also provide you with milestones. Thus, you will have knowledge and control of what needs and will be accomplished next week and/or next month.

Individual Approach

When looking through a portfolio, it is important to note how different the websites are. Sometimes, Shopify developers have a portfolio of websites of similar look and functionality, and this proves against their individual approach. Instead, a Shopify developer is expected to be creative and tailor each idea to the needs of the customer. 

A Satisfaction Guarantee

When discussing the milestones and a plan of work, pay attention if a developer is willing to provide re-dos and corrections until you are satisfied with the results. Often, they do, but it is better to discuss this beforehand.

Maintenance & Support

Think carefully about technical maintenance and support after completion. Usually, technical support is vital for an online store because the downtime is always costly for the business. At this point, if a Shopify developer offers technical support upon completion of the project, it shows a professional attitude.

How to Hire a Shopify Expert

A Shopify expert is an excellent hire when his or her skills match a required skillset and when the person is comfortable to cooperate with. As soon as you are going to contact a Shopify developer multiple times, it is important that you intrinsically enjoy the communication. Below, there is a brief guide on how to hire a Shopify developer. 

1. Ask for Recommendations 

The best thing to do when searching for a Shopify developer is to ask for recommendations. It is the fastest way to find a reliable and qualified Shopify expert. Most often, peers, colleagues, friends, and family might advise a Shopify expert who successfully completed some projects for them. Local business communities might be helpful too. However, be careful and check for the real portfolio and websites.

Of course, even if you have a recommendation for a certain Shopify developer, there is no sureness that the recommended person is going to be the best fit. There is still a need to check for portfolio and testimonials. Oftentimes, the best way to check professionalism is to ask for certificates. For example, SOFTLOFT team includes certified developers who are ready to realize your projects quickly and professionally.

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2. Evaluate

Overall, evaluation means estimating if the candidate developer is the proper fit for you and your business. The best way to evaluate the candidate is to interview him or her. Thus, it is possible to quickly discuss ideas and assess strategies applicable to your project. During the interview, responses of the interviewee, his or her participation, and active interest will be evident. When coupled with suitable knowledge and experience, the candidate is the right choice.

Please, note: it is always crucial to hire a Shopify developer with appropriate expertise. For a Shopify developer, it is necessary that the specialist possesses a related background in producing websites for the eCommerce industry. While all e-commerce stores are different, there is a bunch of things that are most likely to be used when your online store is developed:

  • Navigation map
  • Theme customization
  • Category mapping
  • Data migration 
  • Setting up SSL Secure Certificates
  • Adjustment and use of Google Search Console and Google Analytics
  • SEO skills
  • App development and installation 
  • And much more skills that are necessary exactly for your business, like categorization is you have an extensive inventory with many categories.

3. Outline & Communicate 

When you are hunting for a Shopify developer, you have probably developed the outline for your project. With your outline, you are setting the goals and timeframe for the project, and discussing this outline with the candidate is helpful when making a hiring decision. 

During your interview with a candidate, make sure to evaluate the experience and skills of the candidate in regards to the contribution of the candidate to your project. The best Shopify expert will present you the insights about the outline for your project and will be looking and behaving cooperatively when it comes to implementing the outline.

In addition, when discussing the outline, you are going to see the communication skills of the candidate. Ideally, a potential candidate will be explaining his or her insights using simple words so that the idea is clear for non-specialists. Also, you will be able to see the candidate’s attitude. When a person is clearly interested, professionally trained, and communicatively proficient, it is evident during the interview and it is possible to make a well-informed choice about hiring the candidate. 

4. Make a Decision

When hunting your perfect Shopify developer, be prepared to give enough time hunting for the right professional. Most probably, you will need to make a pool of professionals and then set the interviews to select the most fitting one. However, if you make the right choice, you will get your project done quickly, effectively, and with no headache. Therefore, the prolonged and detail-oriented process of hiring a Shopify developer is definitely worth a result of the successfully completed project. 

What Do I Get if I Hire SOFTLOFT Shopify Developer

Practically, when it comes to hiring, there is no real shortcut to find a perfect fit with no effort. However, contacting SOFTLOFT development agency is going to minimize the effort and maximize the result. SOFTLOFT has got a team of amazing Shopify developers ready to work on your project. Just contact us to check how quickly and how well we might develop your project. 

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