Ecommerce Website Design Guide

Ecommerce Website Design Guide
Ecommerce website design guide

eCommerce sales continue to rise rapidly. In the coming few years, eCommerce is projected to rise to revenue of $2.3 trillion. Of course, each business owner wants his or her business to be the one that grows revenues rapidly. However, the causes of success might be different, including but not limited to product quality, branding and marketing, shipping costs, and customer service. However, one of the most important factors of business success is building a relationship between customers and their brand, which requires a clear development strategy, careful customer service, attentive management, and flawless function of the online store, and proper SEO efforts. Therefore, business owners need to pay special attention to eCommerce website design.


How to Design eCommerce Websites

Too many of the factors discussed above are based on the design of the website. Therefore, there is no doubt that planning the outline for working on the website is a troublesome venture that might bring a lot of anxiety to your life. However, modern technologies are making the process of designing a website easier. In the past, designing the website could cost a lot in terms of time and money but today, the process is getting easier with eCommerce platforms. With a set of prebuilt features, you can start designing your website from scratch, while not having any knowledge in coding and programming. There are a large number of platforms that greatly simplify the e-commerce website design and already have the required functionality.

Get Started

To get started with your online retail venture, you will need to think about which product you are going to sell. Is it going to be a physical product, a digital product, or a service? After careful consideration of what you are going to sell, you just need to add a type of your product, its price, and a short product description. 

Select a photo

When choosing a photo, you will be prompted to select a photo of a good quality that represents a product or service well. Therefore, you will want to use the photo of the highest possible quality that you might get. A blurry photo might affect the wish of the customers to buy the product, which is going to impact your revenues highly.

What kind of eCommerce website should you build? 

When building your eCommerce website, you will want to think about the type of eCommerce website you are going to develop. As soon as eCommerce is a very broad definition that includes all kinds of commerce that are based on selling items and services online, there is a variety of ideas for the type of your eCommerce. Today, the business of eCommerce continues to grow rapidly even though the revenue of the industry totals more than a trillion dollars. For example, worldwide companies, such as Amazon, offer a variety of products of a huge range, thus enabling the customers to get whatever they want at one website in one online store. At this point, a huge variety of available items is what makes eCommerce retailers successful at the worldwide market of popular goods. However, business ideas for the eCommerce website might be different in nature, and therefore the type of your eCommerce website relies on the type of business you want to turn digital. There are many ways to not only create your own e-commerce site but also add e-commerce to your existing site.

There are four main types of eCommerce websites, including business to business, business to consumers, consumers to consumers, and consumers to business eCommerce websites. 

B2B business to business

B2B is a type of eCommerce website when a business sells items or services to another business. In every industry, there are B2B websites that sell items to other businesses. This might be manufacturing or retail. For example, automobile companies need a variety of other companies to buy automobile parts from them.

B2C business to consumers

B2C is the most typical eCommerce website that we all know. Almost all online stores use this format. For the majority of websites, online B2C business is a way to sell products and services to a variety of customers. Today, almost all supermarkets have their online stores, where consumers might buy or order the goods that they need. 

C2C consumers to consumers

C2C businesses are the business for consumers to sell items or services to other customers. Often, these are small businesses of people who do handcrafts or those individuals, who are running their own business of producing and selling goods and services. 

C2B consumers to business 

C2B is the least common business because it implies individuals selling goods or services to businesses. Often, this might include paid reviews or paid advertisements.

eCommerce UI Design Considerations 

When building the website, there is a need to think carefully about the UI of the future website. Generally, people decide whether they like the website or not in less than a second. Here are some tips for creating a design that is going to be loved by the customers:

1. Create your brand identity and follow its principles. It is important that your customers recognize your business and your products among others. A brand style that is going to be a part of your website and the part of the labels of your products is going to help you to become recognizable and searched. 

2. Bring visual accents to your website. It is important to have a hierarchy of information so that the most important information is clearly visible above the fold. Pushing critical content down the fold is not a good idea.

3. Limit design features. When setting up a website, think about limiting the design features that you want to set up. When there are too many graphics and/or content on the website, this makes perception more complicated and customers might avoid such a page.

4. Use the symbols that can be identified easily in the culture of your customers. Having a clear well-understood visuality and content makes your website looking great for your customers. It is a good way to use symbols to point out the main ideas of the text or to focus on icons that are important but these symbols need to be clear and unambiguous. 

5. No pop-ups. Generally, pop-up tabs or windows distract visitors from the website and generally are sincerely hated by the customers.

Trust And Security 

When it comes to returning customers, the most important thing is building trust and investing in developing relationships with them. As soon as the long-term relationship requires trust and predictability, you need to invest in your customers. Trust is usually built by being trustworthy and open with your customers about the features of the products. Clear texts with easy language, fair feedback and policies, and published reviews of your products that are sincere and trustworthy are the things that establish trust in your customers and bring them to you back again. The thing is, in the modern time of transparency, the sellers must be real about their products, and the customers are aware that they are not going to be deceived. 

Ecommerce website design

Essential Ecommerce Web Design Tips

1. Be obvious with your customers and make your home page clear for everyone regardless of their background and education

2. Help your users, and make sure that your customers can find what they need real quick. In this case, your customers are more likely to choose your products over someone else’s.

3. Keep your website simple so that your users are able to find the product that they need.

4. Make shoppers feel special, and ensure they feel cared for and acknowledged. Thus, the customers are going to return to your store soon because people like individual approach.

5. Add accessories. Customers like to see a wide range of choices, so adding accessories to your inventory might increase the attention and interest of your online store.

6. Repeat yourself. Make sure you have enough categories and subcategories so that the customers have an easy time locating the items that they need.

7. Do not follow strict taxonomies but create your own. Though, make sure you're consistent with your categories. 

8. Don't change your layout too much and make sure you don't change the way that the customers need to search for the products. Constant relocating items in categories might make your customers anxious.

9. Anyway, display the essentials and let your customers compare the variants of the products.

10. Last but not least, remember that pictures are essential. Make sure that yours are of the highest possible quality and watch your revenues grow.

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