Developing Shopify B2B Website

Developing Shopify B2B website
Developing Shopify B2B website

Today, almost everything goes online. The same B2B buyers do, who prefer to make purchases and discover things online. As soon as there is demand, it is going to be satisfied, and the B2B businesses went online too. Thus, every B2B business is expected to run an online store nowadays. Oftentimes, it is a multi-player process because B2B sellers offer the items and services from a variety of providers. Such a multi-trading process is a good thing for digital channels and platforms, which simplify the purchasing process even more. Practically, this leads to sellers, providers, and buyers offering their products and services online. Enterprise customers need an online shopping experience, sellers put a lot of emphasis on designing Shopify B2B websites to make their website look more professional.

How B2B eCommerce works

The B2B business refers to selling products of one business to another business. These might be contracts between manufacturers and wholesalers or manufacturers and retailers. The most frequent though are the contracts between wholesalers and retailers. Today, B2B is the fastest-growing sales model in the eCommerce industry. The entirety of the B2B market is evaluated at approximately $12 trillion. Moreover, the industry is predicted to grow further because online features and eCommerce possibilities are growing too. 

B2B selling used to be a very labor-consuming business, but with innovation and industry development, it is getting easier. eCommerce platforms, such as Shopify, have driven the moment too. Sales, marketing, inventory management, and digital commerce are helping to improve the effectiveness of the B2B business and bring more newcomers to eCommerce. With eCommerce automation, it is easier to start B2B because the costs that need to be invested in business are smaller than ever before, and this means a lower entry threshold. So, if you have ever thought about starting a B2B business, today is the right time to start. 

Why Shopify Ecommerce Is Good For B2B Businesses

The biggest advantage of Shopify B2B is the ease of work with several eCommerce stores at the same time. This means that the inventory, management, and marketing are going to be made from the same place, and this place is Shopify. Therefore, we at SOFTLOFT recommend Shopify for starting a B2B eCommerce business. 

Shopify has got a well-developed SEO algorithm, as well as Shopify wholesaling resources and strategies. After a quick setup, you might use a variety of marketing and SEO tools that help to connect to social media and more. In addition, Shopify is easy to launch and configure. SEO Shopify is also easily configured and might boost sales significantly. 

Shopify is a great choice for businesses regardless of their types and sizes. For example, such a food giant as Heinz has already got its B2B business online with the Shopify platform. Globally, Shopify businesses are making hundreds of billions yearly, Heinz included too. Practically, you might be included too, if you partner with the Shopify platform and use all the benefits provided by the platform to power up your business. 

Basic Steps To Set Up A Shopify B2B Webshop

Setting up a Shopify B2B webshop is not really difficult but it requires following a set of steps, from setting up your account to installing all the apps that ensure proper work of the Shopify platform. Certainly, the first thing to start with is setting up a Shopify account. Thus, you are joining the community and making your first steps towards becoming a Shopify store owner. After signing up for an account, you will need to add products to your online store. When there are items to buy on your website, it is important to make the website look appealing, so here comes the design.


Obviously, you will want your online store to be attractive and simple to use. So, when it comes to design, it is important to set up a suitable theme and create a logo, typography, and a general style. The coloring scheme and the design might help to get your online store to the point of being well-known, and it is good publicity for your customers to find your store. Also, you will need to purchase a domain and configure it properly. Finally, there is a need to install all necessary Shopify apps so that the B2B features work properly for your online store.

Pick A Suitable Shopify B2B Pricing Plan For Your B2B Company

With Shopify, there are 5 main pricing plans to choose from. These plans are going to work perfectly for small businesses and startups but if you are running a huge corporation, Shopify might be helpful too, that’s just huge corporations usually have their own personally developed plans and dedicated support agents. 


Hire B2B Shopify Experts

There are several major ways to have Shopify experts working for your website. The first one is to hire a team of professional developers. The second one is to do everything yourself if you have enough time to implement everything with your hands. Finally, it is possible to form an in-house team of developers who are going to write the code and launch the Shopify store for your business right at your office. 

It goes without saying, doing all by yourself is the cheapest but the longest choice while forming an in-house team is the most expensive choice. At this point, the idea to have a team of professional Shopify developers writing an online store for you is the best combination of price and skill set available to create an online Shopify platform for your store. We at SOFTLOFT believe that having a remote team developing an online store for your needs is the best choice to run the business online smoothly and with as little cost as possible.


Basically, Shopify is a great platform for B2B businesses because it can power up the businesses and help you reach out to more customers. While it is easy to work with the platform, the best result of sales-generating is achieved when professional Shopify developers work for you. The thing is, professional developers are going to focus on the use of innovative tools provided by the platform to boost the business while you might focus on marketing and inventory management. We at SOFTLOFT have a great understanding of business needs when it comes to going online with B2B services. Just contact us to get the immediate help of professional seasoned Shopify developers. 

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