BigCommerce Website Cost

BigCommerce Website Cost
BigCommerce Website Cost

The question of how much a BigCommerce website costs is tricky because it depends on too many factors. For example, there is a need to know what’s expected of the eCommerce website, what functionality it is expected to have, how many products it is expected to consist of, etc. At this point, the BigCommerce platform is expected to ease the tension and offer a ready toolset for eCommerce websites. With the use of BigCommerce, the website is going to be built effectively, using the all-in-one cloud solution. Today, BigCommerce serves to maintain eCommerce websites with revenues up to $1 million. 

Is BigCommerce a Good eCommerce Platform?

bigcommerce cost

BigCommerce is a pretty great eCommerce platform that accommodates all the needs of the eCommerce business in one place. With BigCommerce, it is easy to build the eCommerce website and scale it up. When it comes to launching a startup, you might find it great that BigCommerce has a range of tools available for the eCommerce website though it is not pricey, with the average package costing around $30 per month. With BigCommerce, you are getting bulk buying discounts, SEO tools, and a chance to monitor each product stored in your inventory base. 

Moreover, BigCommerce is an eCommerce platform that is rich in tools available right out of the box. Even marketing tools, such as discount coupons, promo codes, and product review features are available out of the box, which is rare for the eCommerce platform to have. In addition, with BigCommerce, you already have preinstalled and ready-to-go marketing channels for Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Of course, you can set up other channels, but these work right after you’ve set up your account, and it is a great opportunity to launch an eCommerce website faster. 

How Do You Calculate Ecommerce Costs?

In general, the overall cost of building an eCommerce website consists of the next components:

  1. eCommerce platform
  2. Hosting
  3. Domain name
  4. SSL certificate
  5. Design features, including the theme, logos, etc
  6. Payment processing
  7. Add-ons and extensions. 

The difference between costs spent on setting up the eCommerce website is different and ranging between $ several hundred to tens of thousands when the website is built from scratch.

Pricing for BigCommerce

BigCommerce offers four pricing options that cover the needs of businesses of different sizes. The idea is to include only those features that the business needs into the monthly payment. More specifically, a Standard plan for BigCommerce costs $29.95 per month and is the best option for companies having a revenue of up to $50k. Bigger sales will most probably require other tools to deal with. 

When your business is growing, you are more likely to upgrade to a costlier plan that offers more tools and more options. For example, the Plus plan costs $79.95 per month and is the best choice for eCommerce websites making between $50k and $150k. With the increase in the toolset and the monthly pay, the support options are extended too. That said, you are going to be helped when you decide to upgrade. 

The other two plans are Pro and Enterprise. With the Pro plan, you will need to pay $249.95 per month, and this choice is going to help you earn up to $400k in sales. This plan might be working well for your business up until getting $1 million in revenue, with price adjustment. However, if you need a very specialized BigCommerce solution, you might get the Enterprise version that is fully customized for the individual. The Enterprise plan includes completely individual development of the BigCommerce platform for your project and implies having an individual price for the solution as well. 

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Choosing the Right Plan

When there are several options to choose from, there is always a question of which one to choose. Ideally, it’s better to choose the plan that fits the needs of your business the best and also gives plenty of space to scale up. Generally, you will want to sign up for the plan that fits your needs the best while not limiting any ideas of your own. Thus, use the same approach as you would use to get a car. The vehicle should be of a reasonable size and features so that you know it is worth every penny. Sometimes, the Standard plan is the best choice that is going to fit you but sometimes you might need Pro so that the growth of your business is not limited. Making the right choice is the move that is going to facilitate your growth so think carefully about what you actually need.

The Cost of a BigCommerce Website

While the real cost of a BigCommerce website is very difficult to estimate, there are several examples that might help to get an idea of the approximate cost. In the table below, there are several estimates with website descriptions.

A description of the project

eCommerce website at launch/startup aiming at sales below $50,000 for starters

eCommerce website that is already operating, aiming at sales between $120,000 and $180,000 annually

eCommerce website that sells big, with sales between $350,000 and $500,000

A rough estimate of the cost

  • Up to $140 for a design theme
  • $29.95 monthly for BigCommerce standard
  • $15 for a domain name yearly

Totals at $400-$600 at a minimum; 

with Insights, grows to at least $1,300.

  • Plus package estimated at $20,000
  • $170.95 monthly for BigCommerce Plus
  • $99 yearly for SSL certificates
  • $15 for a domain name yearly
  • $16 for a LiveChat app monthly
  • $16 for email marketing monthly

Totals at $2,600 yearly

  • Pro Package site build at $30,000
  • $368.96 monthly for BigCommerce Pro plan
  • $149 yearly for premium SSL certificates
  • $15 for a domain name yearly
  • $16 for a LiveChat app monthly
  • $499 monthly for premium email marketing

Totals at $11,900

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It is true that BigCommerce is designed for serious eCommerce venues. It is a website builder platform that offers attractive templates for building online stores. Moreover, setting up an online website is possible to be done by a person himself or herself. If things are not going well, you can always contact the SOFTLOFT team for getting the necessary help. Just contact us and we will be happy to help you. 

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