BigCommerce Developer Hourly Rate

BigCommerce Developer Hourly Rate
BigCommerce Developer Hourly Rate

When you plan for a successful BigCommerce online store, most definitely you will need the help of a highly qualified BigCommerce developer. While it is difficult to say what’s the fixed price for your project, you will still need to plan your budget, which means there is a need to know a BigCommerce developer hourly rate to be able to estimate a general financial statement for the project. For a BigCommerce developer, you will most likely see a rate between $30 and $50 per hour, depending on the professional's qualification and expertise. However, the idea of the cost is not that simple, and you will most likely need some information about the developer’s hourly rate, which is the focus of this article. 

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Where To Find Top Bigcommerce Developers?

To start with, the website gives an hourly rate of a BigCommerce developer as a range of average $31 per hour for beginner developers and $50 per hour for experienced developers, who are seasoned BigCommerce developers. But where to search for the BigCommerce developers to get highly professional but not expensive guys? There are several places online and offline where you can find a BigCommerce developer for your project. There are three major groups of places to search for: freelance platforms, social media platforms, and research firms and portals. 

Freelance platforms

The most popular freelance platforms are UpWork, Freelancer, and Toptal. When it comes to UpWork, you can search professionals for their skillset, and most probably you will see their rating and the skills specified. An hourly rate will be displayed near their profile too. The hourly rate for a developer can be very different on UpWork, with the lowest of $15 per hour, or even lower. The highest level of developer hourly pay is skyrocketing, but practically, it is wiser to choose based on skillset and rating. TopTal and Freelancer are also the platforms that are used by developers to find work, so it is a good idea to search there too. Toptal is a more developer-focused platform while Freelancer offers a huge variety of specialists. However, the idea is the same: you choose a professional out of the pool of available ones according to the skillset and rating.

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Social media platforms

Social media platforms are good places to find whatever and whoever you want. The only thing to do is to search according to the required and expected skillset and locations, and you will find the necessary people. While Facebook and Twitter are social media platforms aimed at friendly communications, LinkedIn is focused on providing professional information and details to the searchers, and developers are ready to be asked to do the projects. 

Research firms and portals

GoodFirms and Clutch are the most famous firms that provide the services of choosing the developer. Most often, these are the platforms that promote firms according to their skills and portfolios. For example, we at SOFTLOFT are proud to have a rating of 4.7 out of 5 on Clutch. Just don’t hesitate to search for the companies too as we can offer a team of BigCommerce developers, which you can hire as a team or individually.

Skills of a BigCommerce Developer

A BigCommerce developer is expected to have a certain skill set that includes but is not limited to professional knowledge, the ability to communicate well, and some experience in the successful completion of online store projects. Of course, you can hire a beginner BigCommerce developer, which will be less costly on an hourly basis. However, the time of completing your project might be very different from the one you expect to happen. 

Technical skills

Generally, you are going to expect a BigCommerce developer to be professionally trained in JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, HTML5, CSS3, XML, and proficient at PHP 5 and higher. Technical or hard skills of a BigCommerce developer are also going to include the skills of working with MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, SQ Lite, MongoDB, and other SQL and NoSQL databases. Expertise in third-party integration and page speed optimization are also vital skills for the BigCommerce developer. The skills of migration and server configuration are also expected as well as the experience in module development. 

Soft skills

Practically, to be a good developer, one needs not only hard professional skills but also the soft skills of communication, innovative thinking, and the ability to explain concerns and ideas with simple words. Often, domain knowledge is not enough for the developer to be a good BigCommerce professional. When hiring, you will want to know how well a developer is acknowledged in the technologies, and you won’t know that if the developer doesn’t demonstrate developed communication skills. The ability to resolve programs and not ignore the issues that arise is the quality you will anticipate in a developer. There is no good in having a developer who is not good at problem-solving because you will have to solve the issues on your way, and developed soft skills are going to help your candidate to succeed.

Location plays a role when it comes to hiring a BigCOmmerce developer at the point that geographically distant developers are going to cost cheaper on a per-hour basis. Basically, the rating relates to the skillset and developer location, providing a range for the per-hour pay that you can choose from.

Setting Your Price

A good thing is that at every freelancer portal you have an option of setting up your own price, whether it is a mixed price for the project or the hourly rate. Sometimes, you might be hesitating about what option to choose, and at this point, the rule of thumb is to choose a mixed price for small simple projects and the hourly pay for bigger projects that require specific experience. In addition, you might choose a highly seasoned professional with a high rate or a beginner BigCommerce developer with modest rates, just keep in mind that a beginner developer is going to need much more time to complete the project than an experienced professional. Therefore, choosing the cost minimization option through hiring beginners is not always a good idea because you will need to wait longer for your project to launch. However, getting a beginner might be a great thing to have a simple online store with the lowest price possible. 

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How Much Does a Work From Home Bigcommerce Developer Make? 

The important question to think about is how much work a BigCommerce developer does from home. When you know how much a developer earns, you will know how much money he or she might want to receive for a lengthy project and/or lifetime support of the project. So, a BigCommerce developer who works from home in the US makes nearly $62,426 per year or $30 per hour. So, if you want to hire a BigCommerce developer for a lengthy period of time, be prepared to pay nearly $5 grand a month at a minimum. However, it is only an average value, and developers might expect to earn something in the range between $141,000 and $14,500.

Developer Rate

According to the statistics, a majority of BigCommerce developers earn between $28,500 (25th percentile) to $85,500 (75th percentile) but the range is almost triple, so it looks like the price depends on the location and experience of the professional more than anything else. This means that there is room for advancement based on the skillset of a person. There is also a need to remember that you pay for the skills that a BigCommerce developer has got through years of studying and working, not only for the time spent on your project. So, if you need specific skills applied to your project, search for the person with these skills but make sure you can afford to pay more for having specific knowledge and skill set. 


Going online is practically creating your online presence, which means that choosing a proper BigCommerce developer is a priority to make your goals work. At this point, contracting a development agency is better because we can choose a professional who suits you best. SOFTLOFT is a company having great BigCommerce developers who are capable of creating whatever you intend to do. We are always glad to hear from you, just contact us to get an idea of pricing for a BigCommerce developer of your dream. 

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