BigCommerce Developer Hiring Guide

BigCommerce Developer Hiring Guide
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Hiring a BigCommerce developer is the best idea when you are going to sell goods and/or services online. A Bigcommerce developer makes it easy for the sellers to manage sales, picture uploads, and payments. It is important as soon as today, we live in the era of digital retail and customers expect to enjoy the flawless performance of the online store while keeping track of their orders in apps. At the same time, it is a quite complicated process to develop apps and a desktop website and it might waste a lot of time for the seller to just get prepared. 

How to Hire a BigCommerce Expert

Practically, it is enough to be able to follow the instructions to develop the website using BigCommerce as a platform. However, when you are not a developer, you might find yourself stuck with the responsibilities you are not happy doing. Delegate! There is nothing bad to delegate the process of creating desktop BigCommerce websites and/or apps to professionals. Truly, professional help is going to be a great impact on the speed of your launch and the conversion rates. The SOFTLOFT company is the team of developers prepared to handle BigCommerce issues properly, and we are happy to help you at any step of your way towards having a working and fully functional online store. 

How will you know you have come to real professionals? Let us quickly introduce ourselves - SOFTLOFT is certified professional development company. In addition, our developers possess a range of characteristics that showcase a good BigCommerce expert, such as good knowledge of visual design, perfection in UX design, theme customization, and the knowledge of storefront APIs. We'll share our experience of hiring developers based on these criteria below.

Good Knowledge Of Visual Design

A developer is a good fit for retail when he or she has a good knowledge of designs and understands how design should work to attract more customers. Consequently, a good BigCommerce developer needs to understand how to use design features properly so that the customers remember the online store and find it easy and pleasant to navigate. 

Perfection In UX Design

A designer is good when he or she knows the basics of how to ensure the user experience on the website is perfect. Ideally, BigCommerce developer is well aware of how to use the tools of available software to make the design work for the seller, attracting the customers to stay on the website for longer hours.

Theme Customization

A theme of your store is vital. For instance, here at SOFTLOFT, we are offering a website audit service that provides detailed descriptions of how well (or unwell) the website performs as a store and how it is possible to improve that. A significant part of the audit document is often devoted to the description of the issues of the theme customization, which means the themes should be chosen with the owner and customized according to the preferences of the customers. 

Knowledge of Storefront APIs

Storefront APIs work to maintain the functionality of the shopping cart and the orders. It is a service that manages orders and checkouts and allows gathering data to showcase the products that the customer is most surely up for. 

Technical Skills Sets of a Bigcommerce Developer

In addition, a BigCommerce developer needs to possess a variety of skills in programming and development. For example, a BigCommerce developer should have well-developed programming skills in PHP 5x and higher, including a deep knowledge of JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, HTML5, CSS3, XML, and others.

In addition to programming language, a BigCommerce developer should have such database skills as MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, SQ Lite, and other No SQL databases including Mongo DB. This is going to help a lot with setting up the BigCommerce platform for your business. The experience in integrating third-party apps is going to be a big plus. Moreover, such skills as page speed optimization, migration skills, and expertise in module development are going to be facilitators of BigCommerce project success.

At this point, it is easy to choose a BigCommerce developer to hire for your project because. If you hire a BigCommerce agency (not a freelancer), you also get a wide range of services from migration to BigCommerce to the development of a BigCommerce project from scratch, according to the needs of your business, which means you are going to find a solution targeted at your specific needs.

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Where To Look For BigCommerce Developers

There are a lot of BigCommerce developers, but you will need an expert who is going to fit all your needs perfectly. Therefore, the wider the choice, the better. You can search for BigCommerce developers by just asking your friends and family members for recommendations. Otherwise, you can search at online platforms, such as Upwork, Toptal, and Clutch.


Upwork is the largest freelancer platform in the world. Today, it has more than 12 million registered users. So, there are a lot of professionals to choose from. In addition to the big pool of registered professionals, Upwork offers convenient tools for time tracking, automatic payments, and other management tasks.


Toptal is a freelancer platform that is a bit different from Upwork, mostly with its rigorous process of application. When registering for the platform, freelancers need to pass a lot of tests to show they are qualified for the work they are going to do. This leads to the consequence when Toptal accepts only 3% of those who apply. Thus, probably the most qualified freelancers can be found on Toptal but their rates are going to be high.


When you are thinking about contracting a company or a team, you’d better use the Clutch platform. This is a platform for software development teams and companies to showcase their services and get contracted by customers. SOFTLOFT is one of the best commerce development companies with a great rating of 4.7 out of 5, so if you are looking for a highly qualified team of professionals you might want to look at SOFTLOFT.


Practically, hiring a BigCommerce developer might be a lengthy quiz. If you need your project done fast, consider contacting SOFTLOFT. We will help you quickly and effectively. 

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