BigCommerce Apps to Help You Optimize Your Store

Top BigCommerce apps to optimize your store
Top BigCommerce apps to optimize your store

BigCommerce is a great choice for an online store, especially for beginners, who are only entering the online market of selling goods and services. The most beneficial features of BigCommerce that are difficult to beat are a dashboard that is easy to use, plans that are really affordable, and a 24/7 support team that helps with all the issues that might arise. Moreover, BigCommerce has a lot of third-party apps that can be connected in several minutes, literally thousands of them. That said, with BigCommerce apps, it is easy to expand the range of features when there is a need to, and it is even easier to start over. If you are planning to create your own BigCommerce online store, you will definitely need the help of a highly skilled BigCommerce developer.

Best BigCommerce Analytics Apps 

Having timely and high-quality analytics about the functioning of the store is necessary when starting a business and when developing a business. Without proper analytic data, it is close to impossible to track the visits, their preferences, and data about the customers. The two most popular analytics apps that provide a huge range of useful features are Compass and Putler.

Compass BigCommerce App

Compass is a great app to have all the analytics in the same place. With this app, you will have all the available data in the dashboard of your store admin. You will not have to track each indicator manually, but you will have the data and the changes at your fingertips available anytime. With Compass, you will not need any tables because you will get the most recent and archived data for a certain period of time at once. Of course, there is no chance to have absolute correctness about gathering data and making predictions but Compass does the most with all the available data. 

Compass Dashboard

Features of the Compass app include demographic and accessibility analysis that allows understanding demographic characteristics of your customers, such as age geographic location, preferences, orders, biggest orders, etc. Moreover, the initial analysis might be refined by adding more criteria and more data from other sources. In addition, the data might be stored and processed on the map so you can visualize the location of your customers.

Putler BigCommerce App 

Putler is a complete BigCommerce analytics and insights app that allows integrating with other analytics tools and payment systems. Moreover, Putler supports integrating data from multiple stores, and all data might be analyzed in one place. Practically, it is easier to gather data from multiple stores and analyze it in one place than to track each store and its dynamics separately. 

Composition Analytics

With Putler, you get the opportunity to analyze your customers from the point of view of demographic segmentation, refunds, order processing, and other factors that might be not that evident from the first place. However, with data analyzers, it is more important to interpret them wisely than to just gather and store information. The data might be analyzed separately in clusters, including sales and order reports, visitor information, subscription and store processing as well as refund statistics, and whatnot. What’s most important, the data obtained from different sources are consolidated and processed together, which provides more accurate insights and projections. 

Best BigCommerce Live Chat Apps

Live chat apps are necessary to engage the customer into interaction and thus increase the chance for a successful sale. Most often, live apps are added to the online store to increase the conversion rate. Practically, visitors of the website are 6 times more likely to complete a purchase when they interact with the live chat. The two most popular live chat apps that are used in BigCommerce are LiveChat and Zendesk Chat.

Zendesk Chat combines the features of support, sales, and customer engagement. The competitive advantage of Zendesk is its ease of use. ZenDesk chat is easy to implement and easy to support while it has a fully functional system of customer management.

Live chat software agent enduser view

LiveChat is another live chat app but it is more focused on interaction with customers and analyzing the communication process rather than creating and working with tickets. The competitive advantage of LiveChat is its easy integration with the system of your website. Moreover, you will have analytical data about the interaction with your visitors at your fingertips at any time. LiveChat is extremely customizable and you can configure almost everything about it, including analytics and reporting modules.

Live Chat

Best BigCommerce Email Marketing Apps

Email marketing is one of the components of advertising and promotional campaigns. Email marketing often includes cold emails but it can also increase the precision of targeting. There are several apps considered the best for BigCommcerce email marketing, including but not limited to Conversio, Klaviyo, Omnisend.



Conversio is an emailing system that helps you to handle email communication with customers very well. With Conversio, it is easy to send fully customized receipts of the purchase to the customers, abandoned cart emails, and track the analytics. Google Analytics helps you to track a success rate with Conversio. 


Email template editor customer success

Klavio is an email service that includes a lot of features of interacting with customers, including cold emails, customer retention, and customer acquisition. The most convenient feature of Klavio is that you do not need to set the target audience or specify the aims of the marketing campaign. Instead, Klavio gathers data about your customers and offers you to target the most specific audience in the most specific way. The email component is also fully customizable here.



Omnisend is the app that is aimed to turn the visitors of the website into customers who buy products and services. Omnisend app offers a wide variety of email services, including abandoned cart emails, welcome emails, follow-up emails, and much more. In addition, Omnisend offers the tools for collecting information about the customers. For example, the app might collect contacts of customers offering some kind of a prize for sharing the information. 

All these apps are necessary for developing a business further because they allow learning more about your customers. The common features of emailing apps include the features of automated emailing and design and sending emails, such as follow-ups, receipts, welcome emails, and others, as well as gathering and processing information about customers. Pricing of such marketing apps is different ranging from free of charge to certain monthly payment that depends mostly on the number of people targeted/used by the app. 

Best BigCommerce Shipping Apps

BigCommerce shipping apps are necessary to make your shipping process quicker and easier. While BigCommerce offers a solution out of the box, having a specialized app for handling shipping is a much better idea than being limited to a standard solution. There are a lot of BigCommerce shipping apps but the two most popular are ShipStation and ShipperHQ, which are chosen for their safe and quick functioning. 



ShipStation is the app that offers a sound shipping system to get orders to the customers as soon as possible. This app is a web-based software that allows printing customized labels and sending customized emails, supports retrieval of shipping information from multiple channels, and tracking information about packages. Moreover, with ShipStation, you might get a significant discount for the services of major shipping services, such as USPS, FedEx, and DHL.



ShipperHQ is an app that is developed to avoid any hidden shipping costs. The researchers found out that the most frequent reason for abandoning the carts is additional costs, like shipping costs, that become evident only when the order is at its checkout phase. With ShipperHQ, the customers will be able to calculate probable shipping costs themselves, before switching to the cart and placing an order. ShipperHQ takes into account a customer’s IP address, the size of the package for the order, and its dimensions, and provides a customer with a specific cost for delivering his or her order. 

Best BigCommerce Security Apps

When you are running an online store, it is crucial to have a tool that allows safe and secure data storage. Considering the impact of hackers on the image and reputation of online sellers, safe and secure storage is a must and BigCommerce offers a variety of security apps that help to ensure the safety of data. The two most popular are Rewind and Signifyd. 



The idea of the Rewind app is to ensure data are stored and maintained safely. With BigCommerce, launching an online store is quick and easy but all processing and data storing happens in the cloud because cloud servers are used. This might lead to different events, including unauthorized access and data loss. Rewind does frequent backups to ensure no data are lost and a correct version of data backup is restored. 



Signifyd app offers a wide range of services for the business, such as tracking the system for false declines and other errors, transaction investigation, fraud protection, and many more. With Signifyd, it is easy to configure operational workload and ensure fraud is not happening. Therefore, adding this app to your BigCommerce store might be a decision that might once save your entire. 


BigCommerce apps are a nice addon to the standard functionality of a BigCommerce store. With apps, it is easy to get routine tasks done. Moreover, choosing the right apps is going to boost your sales and monitor your data and reports properly. If you have any difficulty with growth and development, the SOFTLOFT team is ready to help power up your business. Just contact us to get the necessary help.

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