Best Shopify blogs

Best Shopify blogs

Mastering Shopify is not an easy task because the platform has a huge variety of functions. So, it is tally normal when you feel not competent starting using it. For any non-tech person, it is a challenge to understand and run the features that Shopify has to offer. This way is definitely simpler when you have a user guide to stick to or a set of articles to follow with. Valuable content written specifically for Shopify is the thing that is empowering you to learn the features of the platform quicker and better. 

Why should you add a blog to your Shopify store?

Adding a blog to your Shopify store is aimed to power up your website and offer your customers more ideas to work with. In addition, with the articles, you can attract customers to certain keywords. So, practically, we need a blog to:

  • Capture organic traffic to the website. While not every blog is successful in this, it is possible to increase traffic to the website by nearly a half with timely blog posts.
  • Turn visitors into customers. There is a chance your customers do not know what amazing things you sell. Let them know, and share the perks!
  • Try remarketing with your blog. To do that, there is a need to add articles to the blog on the permanent schedule. When your customers are getting emails about updates, they are likely to open the link and see what’s going on.

Shopify Clothing & Apparel Blogs 

Today, a lot of companies have blogs that are updated with new articles according to a certain schedule. This helps even the established brands to increase the interest in their brand products. 


Thirdlove’s blog generates traffic of more than a million visitors to the website. The company writes about mainly their product that is bras. So, the posts are about loving bras, wearing bras, choosing bras, and whatnot about bras. The key to success is that the posts are product-related and contain information that is valuable to the customers. For example, the article about bra sizes explains what the sizes are and how to pick a necessary one. 

Ridgewallet’s Blog

However, not only bras need some explanation on how to choose the product. The majority of businesses want to spread the world with knowledge about their products, and running a blog is a good idea to do so. For example, Ridgewallet has got more than 750,000 visits per month with its blog. While the business is selling minimalistic products, the seller wants to eliminate misunderstandings about its products and share the peculiarities of the products with the customers. In the majority of cases, the company showcases its educational mission in blog posts


Rhone’s blog generates almost 200 thousand visitors monthly. The company sells clothes for active rest and positions itself as the clothes for men that endure. The approach of the company to the blog is a bit different too. Rhone focuses on the idea to increase brand awareness, in general, more than just promoting its products. The content of the blog is mostly educational and aimed to increase awareness about the company 

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Shopify Jewelry Blogs

While the majority of companies have their blogs to educate the customers about their products and the ways to handle their products, jewelry blogs are aimed more to show their products to the users in the most appealing light. 

MVMT watches’ Blog

For starters, the MVMT blog is aimed to impact the customers’ ideas about their items with the reviews written by famous influencers. There is a need to admit, the approach works more than fine as soon as the monthly traffic to their website ranges up to 1.6 million. The idea of the blog is to engage the most famous personalities to show their routines with their MVMT watches. Interestingly, the blog posts about certain models of their watches contain the links to buy those specific models in the same article. 


Spirit Animal’s blog is a bit different from others because its content is their primary tool and the products. With the idea about the animal spirits, the company sells a kind of shamanic experience to the customers and ensures that the visitors could understand the most from the texts. That said, the company covers the area much more than just its services, so with the writing of blog posts, it attracts more than 800 thousand users. 

Health/Food Blogs 

Health and food companies need to promote themselves too, which creates the need for writing blogs about food and health. That said, the companies selling food items tend to create educational content to teach their customers. 


The Kettle and Fire company generates up to 700 thousand visitors to the website with its blog too. The company sells dry broth and needs to promote it exceptionally well so that the world know about their product. In their blog, the company combines educational material with practical recipes that tell the customer how to use the product. Truly, when it comes to marketing, it is important that your customers know why they need your product, and running a blog might help a lot. 

Perfect Keto’s Blog

When it comes to running the blog for several million visitors, the Perfect Keto company knows the drill. The company sells products that are friendly to the keto diet, so they need to target a specific target audience that eats up to the limits of the keto diet. The blog post is focused on educational materials, too. In the blog posts, they offer nice and easy recipes, diet facts, knowledge about eating properly, fitness knowledge, and a lot of other things that are helpful for people dieting. 


Bulletproof’s blog generates more than one and half million visitors monthly. Moreover, the company generates this traffic for pure coffee and nothing more. This coffee is promoted as the ridiculously pure coffee that is the best for those on the keto diet. Since the generation of the increased interest in keto diets and other sport and health products, the company expanded its product range and writes product-related and educational-powered blogs to educate its customers about the products.

Huel’s Blog

Huel’s blog promotes food products and generates nearly 918,000 visits per month. This helps to increase conversion and boost the interest in the products that consist of full nutritional value for carbs, proteins, and fats that a person needs on the daily basis. Moreover, the blog Huel offer is not a blog in its usual understanding, it’s more like a page with FAQ about the products and ideas about healthy living. So, if you prefer being concise and specific, there is an example from Huel for you to look at


Gaiam’s blog is all about yoga, and it is the company that sells the app to do yoga and a variety of items that might be helpful when doing yoga. While yoga is popular today as a healthy lifestyle, the company decides to have its own blog to promote yoga even more. In Gaiam’s blog, they write about yoga style, yoga life, personal development and empowerment, and many more. As a result, the blog generates nearly 1,5 million traffic monthly, which creates a huge conversion boost for the company. 

Home Blogs

Home blogs are usually blogs devoted to everything connected with home, cozy items for the home, design things, and cookery. 

Brooklinen’s Blog

Brooklinen is the company that sells high-quality bed and bath products and the company runs the blog to provide their potential customers with tips on how to pick a bed, how to pick good linen and how to improve their sleep. As soon as the tips about coziness at home are popular and necessary, people tend to read the articles, and the blog generates half a million visitors monthly. 


The Quick Zip Sheet company sells sheets that might be zipped, which simplifies the process of changing sheets on the bed. When you are zipping the sheets, it’s a quick process that helps you get your bed done in a few moments. The company runs a blog to spread the message that the zip sheets exist and they are great to use. At this point, the company runs a blog that is product-related and offers tips on how to wash the sheets and how to put them on. Practically, it is a product-related blog that is educational in nature. The blog generates traffic of ten thousand visitors monthly, which makes it a good deal to run a blog about the sheets and the ways to handle them.

Tech Blogs

Teach blogs are one of the most popular ones. Tech blogs are often aimed to represent new technological advances to wide audiences so that the audience is aware that such products exist and work for the best of the customers. A lot of companies benefit from writing tech blogs because it is a fashionable, timely, and marketing approach that allows boosting traffic with no big investment in promotional campaigns.

Ledger’s Blog

Ledger’s blog is devoted to the products that the company sells, it is the hardware wallets. These wallets are practically cryptocurrency wallets and the blog of the company tells about the cryptocurrency, the news on the market of cryptocurrency, and shares the news about updates in the company and on the market of cryptocurrencies. The blog attracts more than a hundred thousand visitors, which means that while the blog is pretty specific, it does a great job to attract more people that have an interest in cryptocurrencies. 


Misthhub vape blog attracts way more visitors, up to 670 thousand monthly, mainly because it is devoted to vaping products and the news about vaping. The blog attracts those who vape and those who are interested in it, selling pens and liquids of vaping. With the blog posts written to endorse the product, the company continues to develop. Misthub uses its blog to promote the ways that the vapes are used and the ways to handle, maintain and use the pen, the liquids, and other vaping products. 

Breazy’s Blog

Breezy’s blog is even bigger and generates nearly 800 thousand visitors monthly. Breazy also sells products for vapers but its blog is not product-related in its entirety, but more likely devoted to general knowledge and guides on the topic of vape. With the blog, Breazy spread the interest to the target audience and more, sharing interesting information in a magazine-style way. 

Specialty Blogs

When the product is specific enough, and the target audience is pretty narrow, having and running a blog might be a good thing to promote items and knowledge about the product that is sold. Oftentimes, specialty blogs are product-related and educational so that their visitors get more interested in what they have to offer. 

Goulet Pen’s Blog

A blog that is led by Goulet Pen has an average traffic of more than 200 thousand users and sells fountain pens and ink. The product the company sells seems to be routine but it is a thing that the customers need on a daily basis. To attract more attention from the customers, Goulet Pen writes about the types and functions of fountain pens and their use in everyday life and beyond, and the company shares the drawings of their customers so that everyone could appreciate each others’ art. Thus, the company balances between educational and product-related content, which is perfectly understandable for their niche.


PrettyLitter sells litter for cats, which is a product of regular use to the customers. So, basically, the company needs to generate traffic to their website to increase awareness about their products. To do that, the company runs a blog with articles about products for pets, pet health, and many that include infections, neutering, appropriate training and cleaning, and much more. 

The Wandering RV’s Blog

 The blog created and led by Wandering RV is aimed to tell more about the products for recreation and tourism that are sold by the company. The blog promotes living in the recreational style and offers reviews of products and accessories that might help with recreation living better. The blog generates more than a hundred thousand visits to their shop and shares content about how the recreational style of living is healthier.

How to create custom Shopify blog posts with Shogun Page Builder 

Practically, Shopify helps a lot with creating and sharing blog posts. Shopify offers all the tools necessary to the writers to post their articles and spread the world with their ideas. There is a universal tool built-in Shopify that is going to help you get along with posting blog articles to your blog. The tool is named Shogun Page Builder that allows customizing your store with more texts created and written by you or your writers.

When starting the use of the Shogun Page Builder, you will need to start by selecting the “Blog Post” option on Shogun’s creation page. After you click “Start with a Blank Page,” you will have a chance to customize your future blog entirely. If you need to, you might use the existing template. The next step is to choose the title for your blog and create the first page. When setting up your blog, remember that the icon with three dots allows you to customize page settings, including selecting a theme, indicating the name of the writer, and insert tags and images. 

Use These Shopify Blog Examples to Build a Money-Pumping Asset!

Practically, blogging on Shopify brings a lot of attention to your store. With regular blog posting, you are going to boost traffic to your website, increase your brand awareness, raise sales, and skyrocket revenue. The thing is, your product needs not only to be perfect but also to be able to attract the attention of users. In this article, examples of other blogs were represented so that you can pick the example that you need most. However, there is one clue to successful blogging: the blogs that bring a lot of value to the stores pick the topics to write on from the keywords searched for by their customers. This idea of reverse engineering works great to boost traffic and help you thrive. 


As obvious from the examples discussed above, the majority of successful blogs have an educational purpose and try to educate their customers more than just sell their products. However, there are also product-related articles, mostly reviews, that show the customers how to use their products well. So, the basic tips to follow are to bring value to your customer, including influencer marketing, develop your own keywords strategy, and encourage discussion while building community. Having a strong community built around your products allows you to have a strong and steady customer flow, so it is an important investment. The SOFTLOFT team has already helped hundreds of companies to start and run their blogs on Shopify, so anytime you might need help just contact us

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